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Best Video Games – How to Make the right Purchase

Best video games

Video games provide extreme fun and entertainment. They also provide us a perfect way to relax and ease off stress we may have accumulated during the day. Although most adults do not fancy playing the best video games rocking the gaming world, that doesn’t mean they don’t like them, it’s just that they do not have enough time to play these video games due to their busy schedules. Purchasing the best video games isn’t the easiest task at all, especially when Children are involved.

Best Video Games – Guides On how to Select and buy the best game

1  Check the ESRB ratings

You need to check the ESRB ratings of the games you intend to purchase; games are rated by the ESRB or any other regulatory agency. They serve to protect our interest and advise us on the adverse effect of buying and playing certain video games.

2.  Consider purchasing used games

We all know some video games, and their consoles are expensive. Sometimes we wonder if they are worth burning a hole in our pockets. But we love our kids, and we could go any length to make sure that they are happy and remain that way. So it isn’t a bad idea going after used games. You may be wondering about the quality of certain used games; you don’t have to worry about that when you purchase them from certain reputable stores such as Amazon, Ebay, etc.

3.  Check for the best prices

You don’t just delve into buying video games after spotting them for the first time. Scan online stores for them because it’s easy to look them up, anywhere and anytime as long as you have access to the internet. The major advantage of using online stores to shop for video games is that they allow you to search quickly for these video games as well as compare prices. The best video games and their respective prices can easily be sourced on the internet from the comfort of your homes. Compare and contrast, and then make your decision.

4.  Listen to your friends and Kids’ suggestions

The importance of sampling the opinion of your friends and children cannot be overstated. The best video games friends and family enjoy may not arouse your interest. But the fact that you can put a smile on their faces each time they come around to catch fun is, to say the least, extremely rewarding. Making your loved ones happy should provide you more than enough motivation to keep going.

5. Ensure that you have a regulated Playing time

It wouldn’t be prudent of you to purchase the best video games you love and not have the time to play them, or you play video games excessively up to the extent that it begins to use up time set aside for other engagements. Most kids are plagued by poor time management and they require strict supervision and proper enlightenment in this area.

6. Ask for recommendations from experienced game store owners

Game store owners are very experienced individuals who may have been in this business for years. Reach out to these set of persons for guidance and advice. They will suggest certain games to you based on your type of person or personality, yeah! That’s how good they are.

Things you must avoid in other to enjoy playing the best video games you love

Even the best games or video games can become your Achilles hill if you fail to live by certain rules

1. Don’t ban your kids from playing video games

Fine, we know that our lovely kids could get carried away playing video games and miss important things such as solving their homework or taking their meals. What you should do in this case is to confiscate the game for a while and then try to ensure they’ve carried out all their duties as required. An outright ban may send wrong signals, and that may affect their personal development.

2. Don’t seat in a place for too long

Our bodies need certain breaks from time to time irrespective of the activities we find ourselves doing. Video games can be very addictive, and you may seat in an awkward position for too long, thereby spraining a part of your body which isn’t a good thing.

3. Don’t let the game get to you

Naturally, we all love to win or progress in our daily activities and life in general, but there are certain times we may hit brick walls and stall during game play. You may become frustrated and take out your anger on friends and loved ones. It’s advisable to halt the game immediately in other to cool off and then restart after some hours, or you may just call it quits for that day. Most times we tend to overcome obstacles and perform better during gameplay when we are relaxed.

4. Don’t play Video games in Clustered Environments

Computers and video games work efficiently in rooms that are properly ventilated. The series of task performed by the average computer system is enormous, thereby making the system or game consoles to overheat. You can mitigate this challenge by ensuring you stay around cooling fans or air conditioners when playing your video games.

In conclusion, purchasing the best video games shouldn’t be a tedious task because you can source for relevant information from recognized agencies and professionals. Try to listen to suggestions, especially from friends and family before making up your mind on certain video games and consoles.

Playing video games should be fun, not pain. Try to get enough rest at intervals and keep a watchful eye on the gaming activities of your kids. Make sure they have completed their all assignments before letting them “tap the power button.” The best games aren’t necessarily the ones you love personally, but the ones that make all the people that matter to you happy.

Far Cry 4 Review – What You Need to Know

Far Cry 4 Review

One of the best game developers known for producing excellent video games is Ubisoft, and what helps them stand out is their exceptionally creativity. Ubisoft has just recently released Far Cry 4, which shows their mastery and skill when it comes to the development of video games.

Far Cry 4 – Story

The story behind Far Cry 4 is about regional battles that would see you contend with Pagan Min and the rebels for supremacy. You’ll play the role of Ajay Gale in this excellent game. Ajay Gale, who hails from Kyrat, mourns his mother after coming back to his native land. For him to accomplish his objectives, he must join allies important to his cause. This game has varied missions that serve to capture the interest of the average gamer and keep them interested.

Game Play

Far Cry 4 takes your adventure and exploration to the next level with its exciting features and missions. One thing am sure about this game is that we will not have the luxurious Island we had in far cry 3, this time, it gets tougher because the Himalayan region is very much similar to the virtual world we have in far cry 4. Kyrat, our virtual world, is filled with guest, side missions and many animals, and they all combine perfectly to make the game as realistic as it can be. Animals play a critical role in this game because they can be used for battles. In fact, you can use the elephants to destroy your enemies and wreck structures in the game.
The battle scenes in this game have lived up to expectation, and it’s quite comparable with those featured in the previous titles. The innovation, creativity, battle scenes, and the new virtual world make it a gamer’s delight.

I have found the conquering towers, which is part of the game mechanics brought from the previous episodes, fascinating. Another interesting reason to play this game is the fact that you aren’t restricted to gameplay, instead the game allows you to explore it as you deem fit. Of course, there is joy and happiness in freedom.

There are many side challenges, such as kiting or driving buddies, as well as missions. You’ll need to be disciplined and focused in other to achieve the overall objectives of the game. Also, I like the fact that the decisions you make affect the overall story of the game. Just like the Far Cry 3, you could unravel two different game ends in far cry 4.

If you want to explore the land for materials collections such as herbs, or you want to bomb your way through your enemy fences, you’d be able to do that and much more in this game. The trailers portray Pagan Min as a dangerous villain, but when you play the game, you’ll discover that that Pagan is the toughest villain in the game. The Challenges Pagan brings keeps you on your toes and adds a level of excitement when playing the game.

Co-op and PVP

In addition to the single player mode and the great campaign, Far Cry 4 also comes with the challenging multiplayer mode. The PVP mode can be engaged, and it requires you to kill as many enemies as you can in other to win, and this PVP mode adds a level of dynamism to the game. Also, you can ratchet up things using the multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode allows you team up with friends so as to share experiences and ideas that will help you crush enemy forces.

Sounds and Graphics

This area is another vital component in this game. When it comes analyzing the graphics of the Far Cry series, Far Cry 4 stands outs. The technology used in designing the graphics of this fantastic game is state-of-the-art, and this makes some natural features such as hair, snow and background, look realistic. From the visual standpoint, the Kyrat is breathtaking; the animations are fluid and the designs, exceptional to say the least. Although you may encounter some graphic bugs from time to time, the game’s graphics remains excellent.

The soundtrack in this game isn’t much different from what we enjoyed in Far Cry 3; however, the soundtrack is very much in line with the Himalayan theme. The voiceovers are excellent, especially those used for Pagan Min and other main characters in the game.


Far Cry 4 is the apex of the Far Cry game series. Shooting enthusiasts would love this game because the game still packs the firepower associated with the previous Far Cry series. If you like to explore games without restriction, especially at the Himalayas, then this game is ideal for you. The high points of this beautiful game can be summarized in three phrases – Interesting story line, good shooting, enough freedom.