Element TV Reviews 2017 – A Guide to Buying some of the...

Element TV Reviews 2017 – A Guide to Buying some of the very Best budget HDTVs

Element TV Reviews

There are many Element TV reviews online, but quite a few have written a review on the Element ELEFW328 32” LCD 720P 60Hz HDTV as well as the Element ELEFW 195 19-inch 720P 60hz LED TV. In this review, we would examine these two TV Sets with the intention of highlighting their pros and cons so as to aid your buying decisions.

Element Electronics is American based company that has been in the business of assembling flat panel televisions since 2012. The experience have in this line of business makes them a force to reckon with when it comes to producing and assembling LED HDTV sets in America. Element Electronics was created to bring back the unique TV craftsmanship that was once the bedrock of the American tech market in the mid-50s. Currently, most LED TVs are produced outside the shores of the U.S, and that has taken its toll on the American economy.

Element ELEFW328 32 LCD 720P 60Hz HDTV Side

The Element ELEFW328 32” LCD 720P 60Hz HDTV Review

The Element 32” LCD 720P 60Hz HDTV has received good reviews from many users as well as a few Element TV reviews online. The major advantage going for this amazing LCD HDTV is the fact it strikes a good balance between good features and fair pricing. However, most American made electronic products aren’t cheap, but then the quality of most products produced within its shores supersedes most produced outside it.

Basic Features of the Element ELEFW328 32” LCD 720P 60Hz HDTV

Image clarity: This product comes with a good contrast ratio and its aspects ratio stands at 16:9, both of which combine to deliver good motion performance and flawless contrast.

Size: This amazing LCD TV comes with a 32-inch Display that makes it easy to deploy virtually anywhere in your home or office

Resolution: This wonderful product comes with a maximum vertical resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels

Built-in Digital Tuner: With HDTV and Digital broadcast signals becoming the globally accepted standard in recent times, the Element 32″ LCD comes with built-in digital tuners to exploit these digital signals to maximum advantage.

TV stand: Comes with an oval-shaped stand that perfectly blends with the aesthetics of your living room or office

Connectivity: This product comes with 2 HDMI ports and a host of other connectivity options

LCD: This amazing TV comes with an LCD that’s perfectly optimized to deliver, mind blowing HD multimedia contents.

Responsive Technical Support: One of the impressive features of Element Electronics products is the responsive 30-day support available to customers, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed by most Element TV reviews online.


  • Built-in digital tuner
  • Impressive picture quality
  • Hight-quality Liquid Crystal Display
  • Moderate connectivity options including 2 HDMI ports
  • Amazing and high-quality exterior finishing


  • TV lacks smart features and functionalities
  • TV doesn’t come with a sleep timer; however, many users may not find this particular feature relevant

Element ELEFW328 32” LCD 720P Side View 2

The Verdict

The Element ELEFW328 32″ LCD 720P 60Hz HDTV may not ooze the appeal of high-end brands but certainly packs enough features to satisfy the average Joe. Its lack of smart features and functionality may not be a significant drawback, especially when you take its pricing into cognizance. If you are looking for a budget television with some state-of-the-art features, without breaking the bank, then the Element ELEFW328 32″ LCD TV is the right choice for you.


The Element ELEFW195 19-Inch 720P 60hz LED TV Review

Element TV Reviews

As previously mentioned, Element Electronics is one of the few American-based companies specializing in the Assembly of flat panel LED TVs. The Element ELEFW195 19-Inch 720P 60Hz LED TV is much smaller than the Element 32” LCD 720P HDTV earlier reviewed in this article and hasn’t gone unnoticed by most popular Element TV reviews online, especially with regards to affordability, portability, and styling. The size of this LED TV makes it suitable for bedrooms, kitchens, offices, and rooms with limited space.

Features and Specs of the Element ELEFW195 19-Inch 720P 60hz LED TV

Design: As highlighted by a few Element TV reviews, the design and styling of this budget LED TV is second to none, especially when compared to other products in the same price range. Imagine combining the ultra modern, sleek styling with the ruggedness of American made products; your guess is as good as mine.

Resolution: This Amazing, portable LED HDTV comes with 1080p resolution, which makes it splendid for watching movies as well as playing video games

LED: This portable budget TV comes equipped with 19-inch Liquid crystal display, which is optimized to deliver mind-blowing visuals to viewers

HDMI inputs: With the video broadcast industry tilting towards HD video content programming, you need a relatively modern HDMI equipped LED TV to cope with such technological transitions. That’s where the Element ELEFW195 19-inch LED TV comes in, as it features two HDMI ports that let you connect at least two HD-capable media devices simultaneously.

Size: As earlier mentioned as well as highlighted by most Element TV reviews online, the Element ELEFW195 19-inch LED TV is extremely portable. It comes with a 19-inch display that makes it unsuitable for large living rooms but perfect for Small lounges, bedrooms or coffee shops.

Element TV Reviews

Image Clarity: This LED TV comes with 3000:1 contrast ratio, which is optimized to deliver crisp, vivid pictures with amazing colors. It also comes with D-Wide 176-degree horizontal angles and 176-degree vertical angles, as well as a D16:9 Widescreen Aspect Ratio, all of which combine effectively to make this LED TV visual viewable from any angle in your room, without loss of picture quality.

VGA input: This particular feature makes this LED TV perfect for those who want to use it as a computer monitor. You can also use VGA input to connect your video game consoles and other multimedia gadgets.

TV stand: This LED TV stand comes packed an optional TV stand. However, you can also choose to mount your portable LED TV on the wall, but you’ll need a wall mounting kit ( Sold separately) to do so.

Built-In Digital Tuner: This one notable feature about the Element ELEFW195 19-inch TV that is admired by many Element TV reviews online. This feature gives LED TV the ability to receive digital broadcasts, which is currently the standard in the global broadcast industry. So you won’t need a separate box to receive such broadcast signals.

Responsive Technical Support: Element Electronics provides dedicated support staff to ensure that you are well settled and enjoy responsive support for the period of its warranty.

Element TV Reviews

Pros and cons of the Element ELEFW195 19-Inch 720P 60Hz LED TV


  • HDMI inputs
  • Excellent and impressive picture quality
  • Detachable TV stand
  • Power efficient LED display
  • Built-in digital tuner
  • VGA inputs


  • Isn’t a smart TV
  • Can’t be efficiently deployed in large rooms and spaces

The Verdict

The ELEFW195 19-Inch 720P 60Hz LED TV offers a fair amount of impressive features for its price. Its affordability and portability are strongly admired by most Element TV reviews online; however; its lack of smart functionality and features may be its only notable drawback. Nevertheless, if you need a portable budget LED TV for your coffee shop, bedroom, and office, then the ELEFW195 19-inch 720P 60Hz LED will make a good buy.

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