Hawking HAC10N -Feet High-Quality Outdoor Extension Cable

Hawking HAC10N -Feet High-Quality Outdoor Extension Cable

Hawking HAC10N

When it comes to selecting the best outdoor extensions cables, then you may want to consider pitching your tent without Hawking HAC10N. One of the major banes affecting most antenna cables is signal degradation, and this problem is mainly attributed to cable length. Signal loss is commonly associated with longer cables, and this loss hampers the effectiveness of most antennas. That’s why Hawking technology was developed to mitigate this challenge by incorporating premium materials and advanced designs in the Hawking HAC10N antenna cable.

The Hawking HAC10N and HAC30N are designed to withstand very harsh climatic conditions such as rainfalls and excessive sunlight because they are completely waterproof and made of high-grade protective materials. The HDF400 cable material is included in the development of the HAC10N and HAC30N, thereby resulting in a 0.26 dB per meter cable loss, which is one of the lowest in the industry. The compatibility of the HAC10N is quite extensive, and they include any N-Type antenna and the total line of High-gain outdoor antennas such as HA09SDP- Outdoor 9dBi directional Antenna kit, HA09SIP – Outdoor 9dBi Omni-Directional Antenna Kit, HAO14SDP – Outdoor 14dBi Directional Antenna Kit and HA09SDP – Outdoor 9dBi Directional Antenna Kit.


  • Completely Compatible with All Hawking Outdoor Antennas
  • High-quality waterproof design
  • Minimizes signal degradation with its Heavy duty low loss cable
  • Nickel plated connectors (N male to N female) N-Plug to N-Jack