MeGooDo Portable LED Mini Projector

MeGooDo Portable LED Mini Projector

Megoodo LED mini projector

Are you looking for the best portable LED mini projector to equip your living room or parlor? Look no further, as the MeGooDo LED Portable home theatre has been perfectly optimized to help you relive the cinematic experience right in your living room. This highly durable, portable LED mini projector comes with a lifespan that exceeds 50000 hours, so you are guaranteed unsurpassed quality entertainment for a very long time to come. We can’t overemphasize the importance of watching movies or playing video games on massive screens or displays. This mini projector was designed to ensure that you get the cinematic feeling while enjoying multimedia contents you love.

The MeGooDo Portable LED mini projector comes with a 1080 HD VGA HDMI TV interface, as well as multimedia options that add a great deal of flexibility to this epic gadget.  This mini projector comes with built-in speakers that are, kind of, average at best, but you could up the ante by connecting this amazing home theatre projector to high-quality external speakers.

Basic Features of Megoodo Portable LED mini projector 

  • Amazing lifespan – Supports more than 50,000 hrs of regular use
  • Watch your favorite programs, read devices using USB and SD cards, when                   connected to a TV set-top box (STB)
  • Superb multimedia function – Supports VGA HDMI TV interface with 1080 HD