Nite Ize STCK-11-R8 Steelie Car Mount Kit for Smartphones and other Portable...

Nite Ize STCK-11-R8 Steelie Car Mount Kit for Smartphones and other Portable Gadgets

steelie car mount kit

The Nite Ize Steelie car mount kit is designed to dock your Smartphone to your vehicle or any flat surface securely. This unit mainly consists of two components, one of which is the Steelie Ball Mount, and the other, a Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket. Both of these elements make use of 3M VHB adhesive tape to provide highly secure phone docking capabilities. The Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket contains circular, powerful magnet flexible silicon that attaches to your Smartphone’s back or hard case.

You can easily attach the steel ball to any part of your dashboard because of its machined aluminum base. Even when you hit that speed breaker earlier than intended, your Smartphone wouldn’t slip off because it’s magnetically connected to Nite Ize car mount kit. Another plus going for the Steelie Car Mount Kit is its silicon center, it allows you rotate your Smartphone, especially when changing between portrait and landscape, as you deem fit and would remain that way until you change its position.

You can also use the Steelie Car Mount Kit on flat metal surfaces, which is helpful when you want to free up your hands for other important activities while still getting access to your text messages or phone calls. Although the magnets used in the production of the Steelie Car Mount Kit is quite strong, it’s guaranteed not to damage your cool gadgets if used properly. However, you are not expected to expose sensitive items such as credit card to its magnetic base.