PlayStation 2 Slim Video Game Console – Black

PlayStation 2 Slim Video Game Console – Black

playstation 2 slim

One of the bestselling video game consoles to grace the gaming world in the early part of the 21st century is the PlayStation 2 slim. Compared to its predecessor, PlayStation 2 slim took 3D video gaming graphics to whole new level, comparable to most PC video games at that time.

Although it’s over a decade since production commenced, the PlayStation 2 is still very much relevant in many climes, most especially in the developing world. With more than 1500 titles in its library, the PlayStation 2 slim has got lots of video games that appeal to virtually everyone in the society. The DualShock controller is equipped with twin thumbsticks, analog face and shoulder buttons and dual feedback vibration motors, designed to take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

The PlayStation 2 Slim also comes with an internal modem and Ethernet port that let gamers expand their gaming horizons beyond the scope of their living rooms by competing via the online gaming platform with their counterparts around the globe. Switching over to the entertainment features, you can watch and listen to your favorite videos and CDs using the onboard media drive. This video gaming console is also equipped with digital surround sound, which engulfs you in amazing, crystal clear audio each time you decide to play video games, watch videos and listen to your favorite music.

Features of the PlayStation 2 slim

  • 2 Memory card slots
  • Digital surround sound, DVD playback
  • High-quality DualShock Controllers
  • Built-in modem port and Ethernet ports
  • Ultra-slim, portable design, which is roughly half the weight of the original