The Aunchitha Ice Ball Maker

The Aunchitha Ice Ball Maker

ice ball maker

The Aunchitha Ice Ball Maker is designed to make real, solid Ice Balls that are difficult to melt, making it perfect for beverages, spirits and drinks in general. Standard ice cubes are great at start but end up diluting your drinks after few minutes.

Balls versus Cubes – How Surface matters

Both Ice balls and Ice Cubes are effective when it comes to chilling beverages, and both have to melt to actualize their purpose. Ice cubes are great, but then they possess a larger surface area that makes their melting process a lot quicker than Ice balls, whereas Ice balls possess a smaller size, which makes them undergo a slower melting process.

Perfect for kids

Apart from using this amazing, Ice Ball maker for cooling nice cocktails and fine spirits, you can create nice treats and fun drinks for your children. You can make healthy fruit pops by filling the molds with juice, or lemon juice balls you could add to punch or iced tea.  You could easily take this Ice ball maker anywhere e.g. trips to the beach, picnics, outdoor parties or any event where you might need to chill your cocktails and spirits quickly. The Aunchitha Ice ball maker is rugged and built to last for a very extended period of time.

Why you should buy the Aunchitha Ice Ball Maker

  • Dishwasher safe, easy to use and won’t absorb freezer odors
  • FDA approved – Made of high-quality, BPA-free silicone
  • Makes a perfect gift for barmen, hostess and friends
  • The 4.5cm Ice ball fits perfectly into most rock glasses
  • Comes with clearly visible fill marks with Leak-proof design
  • Creates amazing Ice Balls that won’t dilute your drinks
  • A must-have for tequila, scotch, whiskey, bourbon and Vodka lovers
  • Makes your last chilled sip as good as good as your first