Xbox 360 250gb Video Game Console – Black

Xbox 360 250gb Video Game Console – Black

xbox 360 250gb

The Microsoft Xbox 360 250gb comes with a high-end, premium black finish, packing some of the very best gaming features and functionalities. You can directly access the world of entertainment using the Xbox 360 250gb ‘s built-in Wi-Fi functionality.

The Xbox 360 250gb video game console is one of the bestselling video games in recent times. The XBox game Library is stocked with the latest third party games you’ll find on its arch rival, the PS3. Some of the games include Grand theft auto, call of duty, Madden, Assassin’s  Creed, Batman, BioShock, Arkham and many more. However, Xbox exclusives such as Titanfall, Gear of War, Halo, and Forza series, were also included in the mix.

Those that love multiplayer online games will find Xbox 360 250gb video worthy of acquisition because of its direct access to Xbox live community. However, to gain access to this engaging community of online gamers, you’ll need to upgrade to the Xbox live gold plan. The Gold plan also grants you access to entertainment apps as well as non-gaming apps like ESPN, Amazon Instant, Hulu Plus, Fox Now, Netflix, YouTube and many more.

Basic Features of the Xbox 360 250gb Video Game Console

  • 250 GB hard drive: lets you store your favorite video games, trailers, pictures,           movies, levels, demos and many more
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Controller: enables you to play continuously and wirelessly         (up to 30feet) up to 30 hours on two AA batteries
  • Kinect Ready: Kinect sensors allows for seamless connection with your Xbox 360 E       console
  • Xbox 360 Headset: lets you chat with your friends on Xbox live as well as trade         taunts with each other when playing games with each other online
  • Built-in WiFi: Provides faster and unrestricted access to Xbox live using the               801.11n WIFi technology