Top 10 Best Workout Watches , Fitness Trackers and Accessories for 2017

Top 10 Best Workout Watches , Fitness Trackers and Accessories for 2017

Best Workout Watches

In our list of the 10 best workout watches, we will be scrutinizing the very best fitness watches that you can use to keep track of your fitness routines as well as monitor your body’s vital stats.  The importance of maintaining proper body fitness and routines exercises can’t be oversized, as it’s one of the prerequisites for maintaining good health and wellbeing. Finding the best workout watches online can be a major headache, most especially if you haven’t gotten any previous experiences using these fitness watches. However, we would be recommending the 10 best workout watches you can use to improve your health and fitness,

10 Best Workout Watches and Fitness trackers

Most workout watches and fitness tracker have features that revolve around these key areas, but not restricted to them; they include: Sleep tracking, heart rate tracking, and accurate steps counting. Depending on your needs, most especially if you have a particular fitness goal you want to attain, you might want to examine the specific features before deciding on which of the fitness watches to purchase. We have carefully reviewed and listed the specific features of these watches with a view of making your decision-making process easy and stress-free. We have also included a non-fitness related smartwatch and accessories to spice up the article and leave you with alternatives should you choose not to purchase a workout watch or fitness tracker. Having said that, these are our 10 best workout watches and fitness tracker to purchase online.

1.  TomTom Multisport Cardio

Tomtom Multisport cardio

The Tomtom multiSport cardio watch comes in a variety of colors optimized to blend-in with your sporting appearance. This fitness watch comes with a 1.37 inch Gorilla Glass protected, bright and large high-resolution display, which is particularly helpful if you intend to read your sporting stats under bright sunlight. The Amazing Tomtom multisport cardio watch also features audio and vibration cues, which you can activate before your training sessions. The audio and vibration cues alert you when you hit your important goals or targets during training sessions, which relegates the need to look at your watch while training.

The battery life of the TomTom Multisport Cardio is pretty impressive and is capable sustaining up to 10hrs of continuous operation, which is more than enough to see you through most of your training sessions. The TomTom MultiSport cardio also comes with a well-placed GPS receiver that acquires GPS signals within 20 to 30 seconds upon activation. This watch can be used for both indoor and outdoor sporting activities. It also features a three-axis accelerometer which effectively keeps tracks of your activities even when you are on a treadmill. It also comes with a different setting for swimming, cycling and running sporting activities.

Benefits and features of the Tomtom multisport cardio

  • Comes with an integrated heart monitor
  • Extra large, 1.37 inches display with Gorilla protection
  • Navigate through menus quickly and easily using the One-button control feature
  • Allows you train effectively using its built-in Graphical Training Partner
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor sporting activities
  • Quick GPS fix technology

2.  Tomtom Multisport GPS Watch

tomtom multi sport GPS watch

The Tomtom multisport GPS watch is part of the TomTom range of GPS watches and accessories, designed for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts that participate in Cycling, Running, and Swimming sportsThis multi-sport GPS watch lets you get detailed and important metrics about your sporting activities. Being able to keep track of your performances at-a-glance is helpful, especially when you need to stay motivated in other to achieve individual goals you have set for yourself.

The Tomtom multisport GPS watch comes with a massive display, especially when compared to other competing products within its price range. The display allows you to see in real-time your Cycling, running and swimming stats. The Tomtom multisport GPS watch comes with three training unique modules that help to improve the effectiveness of your training routines. The Graphical training partner included in it also guides you through your training routines to ensure you get the very best from it.

Essential Features and Specs of the Tomtom Multisport GPS watch 

  • Allows you to navigate quickly through the menus using the One-Button control
  • Multi-Sport feature lets you track Cycling, Swimming and running metrics at the push of a button
  • Waterproof up to 50meters/ 165 feet
  • Comes with easy to press buttons
  • Allows you to work indoors and outdoors
  • Impressive battery life

3.  Garmin Forerunner 220

Garmin forerunner 220

The Garmin Forerunner 220 is currently one of the best GPS running watches you can use to improve your personal fitness and health. It’s one of the best gadget gifts you can give to friends and loved ones during holiday seasons, especially if you are very concerned about their physical health and wellbeing. The Garmin Forerunner 220 comes in a sleek, light-weight design, packing a high-resolution display and many other exciting features. This GPS running watch lets users track vital fitness stats such as heart rates and pace, which is extremely helpful when it comes to setting important fitness goals.

This GPS running watch automatically uploads data to Gamin connect, even when you don’t have access to a computer. Just install the free Garmin Mobile app on your Smartphone, and then pair it your watch. The live tracking feature lets you keep up-to-speed with your friend’s fitness stats, so you’d know when actually to encourage and motivate them.

This Garmin Forerunner 220 isn’t gender specific by design but would make a perfect gadget gift for ladies. It comes with a stylish design that blends very much with the physical appearance of sporty women. Just surprise her this holiday season with this GPS running watch and she’ll appreciate you for a very long time to come.

Essential Features

  • Track distance and pace when indoors quickly, using the built-in accelerometer
  • Pauses and resumes timer, based on speed
  • Comes in a lightweight, comfortable design and packs an impressive high-resolution display
  • Keeps track and inform you when you hit personal records

4.  Runtastic Orbit 24 Hour Activity Fitness

Runtastic fitness activity

The Runtastic Orbit fitness and sleep tracker is designed to help you keep track of your daily fitness activities and sleeping habits. Some vital information being tracked by this fitness & sleep tracker include calories burned, steps taken, and distance covered, which is important especially when you need to monitor your progress after fitness exercises. This fitness and sleep tracker comes with an attractive display that helps you keep track of your fitness stats and other vital indices. You can take the Runtastic Orbit swimming because it comes with a waterproof design and can stay waterproof in depths up to 300 feet (91metres). The water resistant capabilities of the Runtastic Orbit fitness and sleep tracker makes it a top choice amongst professional swimmers and swimming enthusiasts.

There is also the “idle feature” that makes the Runtastic Orbit vibrate when you are idle. This fitness watch helps to keep you active, especially when sitting idle for an extended period. This fitness tracker is easy to use and can be installed with little to no hassle. It comes with two wristbands and a belt clip, which gives you the added flexibility of wearing your device the way you choose. To start using the Runtastic Orbit, you’ll need to create a Runtastic account, and then download the Runtastic Me Mobile app, and you are good to go. This device will help you in your quest to attain your fitness goals and objectives.

5.  TomTom Runner Cardio

tomtom runner cardio

The TomTom Runner Cardio is part of the Tomtom range of GPS watches and accessories and is designed to help athletes and runners achieve their training goals. Unlike the TomTom multisport watch that is designed to track sporting activities such as cycling, running and swimming, the tomtom runner cardio is solely optimized for runners as well as athletes involved in track and field activities. It’s capable of providing runners important metrics with regards to their performances, so as to help them get the best from their training routines. The Runner Cardio comes with a 1.37 inches Gorilla Glass protected, ultra-bright LCD. Its high-contrast LCD provides a clear, unrestricted view even in bright sunlight.

Also included in the Tomtom Runner Cardio GPS watch are the audio and vibration cues, which can be programmed to provide alerts when you hit important goals and targets during training sessions. With these alerts, you don’t have to look at your tomtom runner cardio to monitor and track progress, which is extremely helpful during training sessions. It also comes with a powerful rechargeable battery, capable of lasting up to 10hrs on a full charge and can be recharged using the included USB charging stand.

Essential Features of the Tomtom Runner Cardio

  • Extra-large 1.3-inches LCD
  • Three unique training modes and Graphical partner help you train effectively
  • Comes with well-integrated heart rate monitor
  • Navigate easily through menus using the one-button feature
  • Run faster using its Quick GPS Fix Technology


6.  Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Tracker

The Fitbit sleep tracker is designed to help you improve and monitor your overall fitness and wellbeing. We can’t overemphasize the importance of maintaining proper body fitness or its role in human development. A good fitness routine basically involves eating properly, being active and sleeping well. However, there is one electronic gadget that helps you manage these 3 core fitness routines effectively, and that is the Fitbit Sleep Tracker.

This Fitbit sleep tracker will also help you track calories burned, distance covered, steps taken, and stairs climbed. Its performance during night-time is excellent because it’s able to measure your sleep cycle effectively to help you understand your sleeping patterns and how to sleep better. You can upload and share your fitness stats with friends and family either through selected Bluetooth 4.0 devices or wirelessly via a computer. These stats are quite handy because they help you to set goals, track progress and stay motivated.

The Fitbit sleep tracker isn’t gender specific by design. Based on experience, the Fitbit is not only ideal for men and women with fitness issues but people who need to improve their overall fitness and physical wellbeing. The Fitbit sleep tracker is currently making waves on Amazon at the moment with its impressive sales, reviews, and rating.


  • Waterproof: yes, rain, Sweat and splash proof
  • Compatibility: computer, and most Bluetooth 4.0 devices
  • Recommended Use: fitness and training

Basic Features of the Fitbit One wireless activity Sleep Tracker

  • Set goals, earn badges, and view progress
  • Silent alarm – Wakes you alone without disturbing your partner
  • Monitors how well and how long your sleep
  • Tracks distance, steps, stairs climbed and calories burned
  • Syncs with selected smartphones and computers automatically

7.  Magellan Echo Smart Sports Watch

Magellan Echo Black

The Magellan Echo smart sports watch is an electronic gadget designed to connect automatically and synchronize sports data from your Smartphone. Tracking sporting statistics using smartphones can be very distracting. Sometimes you may need to stop your exercise entirely in other see your stats. You don’t have to halt your favorite sporting activity to keep tabs on your progress when using Magellan Echo Smart Sports Watch because it displays and synchronizes real-time sports data using Bluetooth smart technology.

The Echo functionality of this sports watch gives you flexibility and control. Apart from Echo app allowing you to monitor your performance stats such as heart rate, pace, distance and yards to the green, you can also control your music, and then align it according to your sporting mood and activity. You can view up to four data screen when using the Magellan Echo smart sports watch by just tapping the screen or touching a button. It allows you to control remotely important functions such as Stop, Start, Lap, play, pause, and next song, because of its Bluetooth functionality. The Magellan Echo smart sports watch is stylish as well as water resistant, and you can safely use it to perform water sporting activities.

Essential Features of the Magellan Echo smart sports watch

  • Compatible with Android 4.4 and later; Apple 4S and later
  • Water-resistant, ruggedized design, optimized for sports
  • Comes with customizable displays
  • Displays on your wrist, real-time time data from sport apps
  • Does not need to be recharged because of its ultra-low power consumption
  • Remotely controls music and sport apps

8.  Skinomi Techskin

Skinomi Samsung Gear S

The Skinomi  is designed to protect smart watches, which is a significant investment for many. We all love it when our mobile gadget appears all sparkling and new, but the biggest problem is that our cool mobile gadgets are bound to lose their shine after extensive and prolong use. Apart from that, scratches and abrasions are bound to surface if our mobile devices are left unprotected. Considering how pricey the Samsung Gear S Smartwatch is, it would be prudential of us to acquire the right type of protective gear for our smartwatch, and that’s where Skinomi Techskin Samsung Gear S screen protector comes in.

The Skinomi Techskin Samsung Gear S screen protector is made using the thermoplastic polyurethane material, which is military grade protective material designed to remain tough, durable and provide ample protection to your valuables, most especially the Samsung Gear S Smartwatch. Its full body skin is UV resistant and is designed to protect your Smartwatch from abrasions, shocks, scratches and wear and tear in general.

Features of the Skinomi screen protector

  • Self-healing, robust, flexible thermoplastic urethane
  • Flexible material designed to cover curved devices
  • UV resistant, puncture-proof, scratch-proof front and back skin
  • Virtually invisible, optically transparent and HD clear screen guard


  • Installation Solution
  • Skinomi Techskin full body screen protector
  • Skinomi Techskin Screen Protector
  • Well explained, detailed installation instructions
  • High-quality, Lint-free Microfibre cloth
  • 100% riskfree Lifetime Warranty

9.  MeGooDo Luxury Bluetooth Smart Watch

Megoodo Bluetooth Smartwatch


The MeGoodo Luxury Bluetooth Smart Watch is low-end smart watch packing some exciting features mostly featured on high-end smartwatches. This smartwatch connects wirelessly with your smartphones using the Bluetooth functionality and then synchronizes important messages and information with it. This smartwatch displays valuable information such as time, date, week, and battery health, which you can use to organize and plan your daily, weekly and monthly activities and schedules. The Megoodo Bluetooth Smart watch rings out once you receive phone calls, which ensure that you don’t miss out on important calls. A reminder alerts you to situations when your Smartphone is accidentally disconnected from your smart watch, so you are always reminded by the Megoodo Bluetooth smart watch to reestablish connections once broken.

Just as seen in 007 movies, the Megoodo Luxury Bluetooth Smart Watch gives you the ability to answer calls directly from your wrist, which is more convenient than pulling out your Smartphone from your pockets to receive phone calls. You can quickly dial contacts directly from your wrist which is helpful when you need to make an emergency phone call quickly. This amazing Megoodo Bluetooth Smartwatch also displays the identity of callers as well as their numbers on its screen, so at a glance, you know who’s calling. This smartwatch also notifies you when you receive social media messages from WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat and much more. It also comes with an anti-lost functionality, which prevents you from leaving your Smartphone behind, especially in public places.

Basic features of the Megoodo Bluetooth Smartwatch

  • 48? capacity Touch Screen + Bluetooth V3.0
  • Answer and dial functionality directly from your wrist
  • Stopwatch function
  • Ringing reminder for phone calls
  • Plays music from your Smartphone after successful pairing
  • Anti-lost alarm functionality
  • Supports hands-free calls


  • Bluetooth Watch X 1
  • User Manual X 1

10.  Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, Lime

Fitbit Wireless Activity tracker lime

Maintaining proper body fitness is one of surest ways of living a healthy lifestyle. The Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker is designed to help you keep tabs on distance covered, steps taken and calories burned during your routine exercises and then sync the valuable data it gets to your Fitbit account automatically. Stay motivated, set goals for yourself using the Fitbit Zip wireless activity tracker application or its online account, and monitor your progress with badges, graphs, and friendly competitions.

You can compare your activity stats with those of family and friends, and even send them messages of encouragement or motivation to keep them going. You can effectively monitor your progress in real-time because the Fitbit Zip wireless activity tracker allows you to upload your stats using selected mobile and computer devices.

How do you reinstall the Fitbit Zip wireless activity tracker Battery?

There are situations where you run out of battery juice after extensive use. These are four steps you’ll need to take in other to replace your Fitbit Zip wireless activity tracker ‘s battery:

  1. Look for the rear door of the Zip, insert the special battery door tool, and then turn       it counter clockwise to unlock
  2. Remove the Fitbit rear door and then the battery
  3. Ensure that the new battery is inserted in the proper position by making sure the         positive end is facing up, and then replace the battery cover.
  4. Using the battery rear door tool, screw clockwise to lock the battery cover securely         and you are done.

Benefits of using Fitbit Zip wireless activity tracker 

  • Compete and Share stats with friends and family all day
  • Tracks steps taken, distance covered and calories burned
  • Free Android and iPhone Application
  • Set goals, view progress and earn badges
  • Automatically syncs stats with selected mobile devices, smartphones and computers

Final words

These are pretty much the best workout watches and fitness trackers you can purchase online if you have been searching the web for information relating to these gadgets. However, what’s most important is your need. Are you a runner? A swimmer? Or you need to shed off some excess weight? Depending on your peculiar need, you can purchase any of the above-listed watches, and they’ll do justice to these requirements. Maintaining the right body condition and fitness is one of the surest ways to improving your overall health and well being. But first, you need to equip yourself with the right accessories so as to achieve your aims and objectives with regards to your fitness routines. To learn more about fitness gadgets and watches, visit this page