5 Tips for Defending Your Electronic Gadgets Against Virus and Malware Attacks

5 Tips for Defending Your Electronic Gadgets Against Virus and Malware Attacks

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The world is increasingly becoming sophisticated each day and is managed by an array of interconnected systems, computers, and electronic gadgets. Most of these computers are usually bulky due to the number of files they manage as well as the amount sophisticated hardware components they possess. However, the management process of the world’s information and resources has been made a lot easier with the introduction of portable electronic gadgets and devices. These electronic devices are far more comfortable to carry about and can be used to gain access and manage databases resources remotely.

However, these portable electronic devices suffer the same kind of threats traditional computer systems face. These malicious programs make us lose valuable data and harm the performance of our gadgets. To stem this ugly trend, these are five tips you must follow in other to protect your electronic gadgets against these malicious attacks

How do I defend my electronic gadgets against these threats?

1.  Get a good antivirus

Your antivirus is your first line of defense against malicious programs such as computer viruses and malware. Popular brands such as Avira, Avast, McAfee, etc. are some of the best brands you could get to protect your electronic gadgets such as tablets and smartphones. Many people do not see the need for installing an antivirus on mobile devices. They believe that viruses and malware are the exclusive preserve of regular computers. Virus writers have seen the loophole in mobile devices and are writing and tweaking their malicious programs for mobile devices. That’s the more reason you should get a valid, full-license antivirus for your mobile gadgets.

2.  Scan your email attachment before opening them

One of the easiest mediums through which computers and mobile devices can get infected is via email attachments. Virus writers now attach their malicious programs to emails sent to victims and most times the content of the emails often prompt unsuspecting users to open them. And when that is done, these programs install themselves on your mobile gadgets secretly. You can avoid making this mistake by ignoring emails from unknown sources or scanning each email attachment before opening them.

3.  Tips for IOS users

We acknowledge the fact that iOS-based mobile gadgets have a more robust mobile security system put in place by their manufacturer, Apple Inc. First and foremost, the iOS is based on a closed source system. Not everybody can develop programs for Apple based devices. The closed source system prevents untested apps from being listed in the app store as well as the installation of other apps developed by third parties. iOS gadget owners have found a way around this restriction by jailbreaking their devices. The jailbreaking process allows iOS devices to install apps from third-party developers or sources. While these may offer some degree of flexibility to iOS gadget owners, it also leaves them vulnerable to malicious agents. Avoid Jailbreaking your Apple devices so as to maintain and enjoy its robust security tradition.

4.  Tips For Android Users

Unlike iOS devices, the Android Operating system is an open source software by development. The closed source software allows for app installation from other sources and is less restrictive than iOS based devices. Android open source software allows third-party developers to develop apps for their electronic gadgets and devices. The freedom Android users enjoy when it comes to app installation leaves them vulnerable to attacks from malicious programers and virus writers. It’s advisable for Android users to install apps only from Google Approved sources such as the Playstore because most of the apps listed in the store are vetted.

5.  Tips for Online Gamers

Yes, Game consoles such as Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii and many more, have robust online gaming capabilities. This internet capability means that they are faced with the same online threats as computers, smartphones and other electronic gadgets with internet capabilities. First and foremost, only connect your gaming consoles to secure internet connections, and don’t download games and patches from unapproved sources. Following these guidelines will ensure that you protect your gaming gadgets against online threats.


Computers are becoming slimmer and more compact these days, putting them in the categories of gadgets and portable electronics. Virus writers and malware developers have seen a rise in mobile electronic gadgets users, especially devices with internet capabilities, and are continually developing malicious programs in other to tap into the growing electronic gadget market. The onus is on everyone to follow our guidelines to the letter, especially when accessing the internet on mobile gadgets and devices. This strategy will allow you protect your favorite gadgets against these malicious attacks, as well as get the very best from them.



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