8 Cheap and Interesting Computer Accessories Designed to Spice up your Work...

8 Cheap and Interesting Computer Accessories Designed to Spice up your Work Life

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Computer accessories help you get maximum use and value from your computer. Although not entirely necessary, computer accessories enhance the performance and functionalities of computers.  Many computer accessories are quite expensive, which puts them out of the reach of the common man. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of affordable, yet interesting computer accessories that can help you manage your formal and informal life effectively. So if you are constrained by a budget and you’re looking for some computer accessories you can use to spice up and boost the performance of your PC, then you might have to consider the following PC accessories

1.   Dell S2240T 21.5-Inch Touch Screen LED-Lit Monitor

dell s2240t computer monitor

The Dell S2240T 21.5-inch monitor comes in with a sturdy metal frame, ten-point touch sensor and packs a resolution that is put at 1920 X 1080 pixels. With an impressive color accuracy that is set at 89.7 percent of the sRGB color gamut, the Dell S2240T  monitor is optimized for gamers and movies lovers alike because of its impressive, super-bright image and video quality. The Dell s2240t monitor also boasts an impressive low 0.07cd/m2 black level and a contrast ratio of 3243:1, which is higher than TN versions and the industrial average in general. Although the reds, solid greens and blues weren’t as robust as those found on high-end monitors, they weren’t far off in terms of quality and depth.

The Dell S2240T monitor comes with VGA, DVI and HDMI inputs. You can easily send audio from your PC over HDMI using the monitor’s 3.5mm audio output. This Monitor also comes with a built-in USB port; however, it’s exclusively used for controlling the touchscreen, especially when such controls is being done from a PC. This monitor touchscreen is satisfying and accurate to use. You can easily get a feel of the touchscreen accuracy and responsiveness by testing touch-centric apps and games, trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Essential features and benefits of the Dell S2240T Monitor

  • 5-inch display with 1920 X 1080 pixel resolution
  • Clean finish and styling that epitomizes excellent, unique craftsmanship
  • Offers you a natural, direct and intuitive way of controlling and using applications
  • VGA, DVI and HDMI inputs
  • Sleek and trendy edge-to-edge glass

2.   Headphones Desks Floor Lights 16GB USB 2.0 Credit Card Flash Drive

Headphones lights and floor

This music inspired Ultra-light 16GB Credit Card USB flash drive is one that will allow owners stay sleek and mobile. In a fast-paced world where portability is highly valued and cherished; having a sleek credit card USB flash drive will go a long way in helping ease mobility concerns of the business class. This Credit card USB flash drive can fit into the smallest compartments of your wallet, especially compartments used for storing credit cards. Some of the fantastic features that make this product outstanding include Shock absorbance, water resistance, fingerprint resistance, and dust resistance. So you don’t have to worry about its color and coatings, especially when cleaning this product with a moist rag.

Another amazing feature of this credit card USB flash drive is that you can place a bulk order with your personal photos customized on it. All you simply need to do is to contact the manufacturers via their Amazon storefront with these relevant keywords “Lil USB Flash Drive, ” and you’d be able to see other fabulous designs you can choose. You can submit your photographs by following the instructions on the manufacturer site and uploading as instructed. The color of this amazing credit card USB flash drive may vary, especially when placing an order for customized copies. This differences may occur as a result of the surface texture and color variation that may arise due to differences in video card and monitor. So uploaded colors for customized copies may look different and may be replicated differently based on the issues earlier stated.

Basic Features and Benefits

  • High-performance USB 2.0 credit card USB Flash Drive
  • Ships to all states within the U.S and worldwide within 2 to 3 business days
  • Customize your order with your photo on it or other photos specified
  • Professional and experienced designer available 24/7
  • Superior customer support and service

3.   Samsung 850 EVO 500 – Internal Solid State Drives

Samsung Evo Internal state solid drives

The Samsung 850 EVO 500 Internal Solid State Drives gives us the ability to bring to life old computing platforms that have struggled to cope with modern computing demands. We agree that at some point in time in the useful lives of our PC, performances then to decline, owing to limited storage space, slow writing speeds, relatively obsolete technology and more. The Samsung 850 EV0 500 GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drives offers users the perfect opportunity to improve and upgrade the performance of their ageing computing platforms, albeit from the economic perspective.

The 850 EVO comes with a 3-dimensional chip design that allows for greater reliability, superior performance and superior energy efficiency, so you can work for longer hours and play faster than ever before. The 850 EVO also comes with Samsung’s state-of-the-art 3D V-NAND Technology. The 3D V-NAND flash memory architecture breaks through performance, density and endurance limitations of today’s modern Planar NAND architecture.

The Samsung 850 EVO 500 SSD will make a perfect gift for friends, family and colleagues, especially if they are still using older computing systems, whose performances tend to slow down when saddled with some task and responsibilities. It’s also perfect for students, who require high-performance computers to run memory demanding tasks and programs but don’t have enough money to make costly hardware replacement and upgrades.

Basic Features – Samsung 850 EVO 500 Internal Solid State Drives

  • Optimized to provide excellent performance every day
  • NAND Flash: 32 Layer 3D V-NAND
  • Interface: SATA 6GB/s (Compatible SATA 1.5Gb/s & SATA 3Gb/s)
  • Form Factor: 2.5 inch
  • Sequential read speed 540 MB/s, Random read speed 100K, sequential write speed       520MB/s

4.   HP 61 Tri-Color Ink Cartridge

HP Tricolor ink catridge HP Tricolor Ink Catridge

The HP 61 tri-color ink cartridge is designed to help you easily print vivid color reports, documents and letters with precision and high quality. Products from the stables of HP are renowned for their reliable and consistent performance, and the HP 61 tri-color ink cartridge is no exception.

Why should I buy the HP 61 tri color ink Cartridge?

The HP 61 tri-color ink cartridge gives you the ability to print consistently documents efficiently and accurately. It’s also able to churn out a high number of printouts without refills, unlike other products.

It allows you to print out of high-quality documents, using its sharp graphics and vivid colors. Also, its archived laser-quality documents can last decades because they allow for secure retention of text and color quality, To get the best from the hp 61 tri-color ink cartridge; it’s advisable to use papers with the ColorLok logo.


  • Helps you monitor inks levels via on-screen ink gauge
  • Helps you produce fine prints and complete important jobs, even when its ink is          critically low
  • Comes with technology that allows you differentiate between original and fake HP         ink cartridges


  • Compatible Ink type: Dye base
  • Page yield color: 165 pages
  • Package Dimensions: 4.49 X 1.43 X 4.05 (WXDXH)
  • Content: 1 X Ink Cartridge
  • Weight: 0.13lb
  • Storage humidity: 20 to 80% RH


5.   Fellowes Office Suites Computer Monitor Riser

Fellowes computer Riser

The Fellowes Office Suites Adjustable computer monitor riser is perfectly designed for those who spend hours working in offices, especially those in charge of maintaining official records. Sitting in positions not optimized for comfort while working on computers could have a straining effect on the neck, most especially when tall employees and PC users are involved. Bending your necks while gazing into PC screens could have dire consequences for your health in the long run. To nip this problem in the bud, Fellowes developed an adjustable computer monitor riser, designed elevate your computer monitor to comfortable levels, meaning you can work for longer periods on computers without spraining your neck.

This adjustable computer monitor riser can raise most monitors to maximum workspace height, making it comfortable for users to seat and relax while working for long hours. It’s able to support monitors weighing up to 80lbs and has multiple adjustments to optimize viewing angles. It also comes with storage trays that you can either use to store a laptop or use to organize highly important office essentials.

Features the Fellowes Computer monitor riser

  • Comes with non-skid rubber feet that allow you protect work from scratches
  • Elevates most monitors to maximum work height
  • Supports all monitors weighing up to 80lbs
  • Helps to protect your neck from strain with its flexible adjustments
  • Equipped storage tray which you can use to store a Laptop or other office essentials

6.   APC BE350G Back-UPS 350VA 6-Outlet Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)


The BE350G Back-UPS is designed to protect your computers, gaming consoles, wireless networks and other critical electronic devices against power surges or blackouts. When surges or blackout occur, you either lose valuable data or sustain damage due to your pricey electronic gadgets. You may never appreciate the importance of owning a sophisticated uninterruptible power supply unit till you lose sensitive and important files when you least expect it, owing to blackouts and power surges.

Essential features of the APC BE350g

  • Battery replacement made easy: This ensures that your UPS battery is quickly         replaced, helping to bring it online as soon as possible
  • Building wiring fault indicators: When there is a faulty wiring system in the           building where the APC BE350G is being used, the LED indicators alerts you to the       issue
  • Cold Start capability: When the utility power goes out, this unit provides                   temporary power
  • Hot-Swappable Batteries: This ensures that protected equipment gets                     uninterrupted power supply during battery replacement
  • Disconnected battery notification: This feature alerts you when unit’s battery is       not available for backup
  • Dataline surge protection: This feature protects data lines during power surges
  • Audible Alarms: This helps to notify you about the changing UPS and Utility               power conditions
  • Intelligent battery management: This ensures overall battery management and       efficiency

Specifications of the APC BE350G

  • Nominal Output Volt: 120V
  • Output Power Capacity: 200 Watts / 350 VA
  • Output frequency: (sync to main):  50/60Hz +/-3 Hz
  • Input frequency: (auto sensing) 50/60 Hz +/- 3Hz
  • Max configuration power: 200 Watts/ 350VA
  • Battery recharge time: 16hrs
  • Input Connections: NEMA 5-15P
  • Input voltage range: 88-139V
  • Replacement Battery: RBC35

7.   SanDisk Cruzer Fit CZ33 64GB USB 2.0 Low-Profile Flash Drive

SanDisk Cruzer Fit

The Portable SanDisk Cruzer flash drive is extremely portable and provides you a perfect way to store important files quickly and discretely. It’s sleek, small and rugged, and can be used to transfer securely digital contents from one computer to another. You can easily use this Low-profile flash drive to share important files and media contents with friends and family. It also has inconspicuous appearance, which may be handy for covert operations as it allows you store data discretely. Unauthorized persons can’t access data stored on the Cruzer Fit flash drive because it comes with the SanDisk secure access software.

Whether it’s your work or favorite media contents, the SanDisk Cruzer Fit Flash Drive offers you the perfect medium to store, transfer and share information securely. The security feature in the SanDisk Cruzer Fit flash drive is top-notch, making it perfect for security agencies as well as business owners, and it’s compatible with most Windows and Mac powered computers. This USB drive comes with a 5-year limited warranty, which goes to show how durable the product is.

Features of the SanDisk Cruzer Fit flash drive

  • Built-in LED to monitor drive activity
  • Low-profile drive for TV’s, Notebooks, Tablets and Audio systems
  • 64GB memory capacity
  • USB 2.0 compatible
  • SandDisk Secure Access Software

8.   Nature Inspired Animal Wire and Cable Clips

Animal wire cable clip

Tired of your traditional cable clips? Well, that shouldn’t be unexpected as most products produced in the 20th century were designed to be rigid, straight to the point, offering little or no creativity. Products with too rigid designs create a dull atmosphere; especially in places, we come across them frequently e.g. offices, classrooms, to mention a few.

To curb this ugly trend, the nature-inspired animal wire clips were created to spice up and add charm to the special places we spend most of our valuable time – e.g. offices, homes, schools, while at the same time serving as Cable clips. Cable clips help us tidy those ugly, misplaced wires that seem to disorganize our living spaces. With this nature inspired Animal Wire and cable clips, managing cables and cords these days shouldn’t be a boring task anymore.

Features and Benefit

  • Contains six animal clips per pack that includes: Pig, Frog, Cat, Chicken, Sheep,          and Rabbit
  • Can be used for earbud headphones, USB flash drives, and Cables
  • Comes with easy hook and look attachment, thereby helping to improve its                  versatility
  • Provides a perfect opportunity to teach kids how to organize and manage cables


As stated in the opening paragraph, the importance of having computer accessories cannot be overstated. However, people’s need differ and so they might not get to use every accessory in this list. You can still operate your computer normally even without its accessories. However, maximizing performance will be a tall order.

If you are a business traveler or a highly mobile individual, you might want to get some portable computer accessories that are light and easy to carry around. That’s why this list comprises of portable, yet interesting computer accessories you can use to keep your work life organized. If you want to maximize the performance of your computers, then you ought to consider getting any of the PC accessories in this guide.