Amazon Fire Phone Unlocked with 32gb Review

Amazon Fire Phone Unlocked with 32gb Review

Amazon fire phone

Looking for a dynamic mobile phone that can help you navigate between work and fun? Then you should try the amazon fire phone (unlocked)with 32gb.  The amazon fire phone helps you enjoy almost unlimited video streaming and downloads with the Amazon Prime instant video. You’ll also have access to download your favorite songs and playlists with the amazon prime music.

If you’re a student or an enthusiast in any field, you’ll find the Kindle owners’ lending library too good to be true. Equipped with just your amazon fire phone, you can access thousands of books for free. This unrestricted access gives you the ability to borrow books from your favorite authors on the go, anywhere, anytime. This flexibility makes learning more exciting and cheap. This Amazon Fire phone has also been dubbed as the only smartphone with Firefly technology. This feature ensures that you can identify printed QR and bar codes using your amazon fire phone. By just pressing and holding the Firefly button on your phone, you’ll be able to do a quick scan.

More importantly, you’ll have full, free, live on-device support from Amazon. Just by the click of a button, an Amazon expert will be within reached any time of the day! Now, that’s awesome. The dynamic feature also offers a unique perspective that isn’t available on other smartphones. You can navigate quickly through pages and menus by just tilting, swiveling and auto-scrolling using one hand.

My rating


Access to thousands of apps on the Amazon app store. The screen display of 315 PPI pixel uses less power than other mobile screens you’ll find. Comes with a very fast processor of 2.2Ghz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processors with Adreno 330 GPU.


No back button. So, navigation takes time to adjust. Battery drains too quickly. Google play store and google apps are difficult to install.

My recommendation

You’ll get all the excellent features and freebies that come with using a branded phone like Amazon’s Fire phone. But, don’t expect magic. The dynamic perspective also has a downside, making navigation buggy and loads unresponsive. Get an extra battery.

Full review of the Amazon Fire phone (unlocked) with 32gb

With built-in apps and tools, you’ll feel like you have another Amazon product in hand. Talk about the kindle fire. You’ll also have free access to unlimited cloud storage to store all your favorite photos. Amazon also offers 1-year limited warranty and service for this fire phone. So, you’ll be rest assured that your phone will be sound for the first year after purchase.

Here are some of the main specs:


The big point with this amazon fire phone is the fact that Amazon manufactures it. And you would expect the whole gadget to be amazon-product focused. That said, you’ll likely have difficulties using products from other competing brands like Google and Apple. So, you shouldn’t expect to find or use Google Apps or iTunes with this fire phone.

 Amazon Fire Phone


The LCD screen is standard at 4.7″ 1280*720p. So, you shouldn’t expect the high-resolution that other smartphones can afford. The amazon fire phone supports a 315 PPI pixel density which is a lot disappointing, especially when you consider what Samsung and Apple offers with their products. But on the positive side, the pixel density should be ok for whatever you want to do with the phone.

On the screen, you’ll see a Synaptics S3310B touch screen controller. Amazon describes it as a 4.7-inch assertive gorilla glass display. It comes with 10-finger sensitivity and is very rare with other smartphones. Reviews also confirm that this synaptic touchscreen also supports interactions with the dynamic perspective feature.


The amazon fire phone carries a custom-tuned 13mp camera that utilizes optimal image stabilization technology with the five-element aperture f/20 lens that ensures images are sharp and crisp. With the shutter of the fire phone staying open for up to four times longer, you are guaranteed the image quality will remain high even in areas where the lighting is low or fluctuating. The camera also supports digital zoom (or pinch zoom) for both photos and videos. To zoom-in, just spread your fingers open across the surface of the screen, while returning your fingers back to a pinch across the face of the screen will cause the photos to go back to normal.

You can also use the flash to brighten up images in dark places or at night. This condition ensures that the qualities of your photos are always exceptional. The optics quality is one of the high points of the Amazon Fire phone, and you’ll find that your images are always crisper than those of your friends.

Amazon Fire Phone


The Amazon Fire phone runs on the 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and also supports 2GB of RAM and Adreno 330 GPu. This support ensures that the performance is high enough for surfing websites and launching your favorite apps. You can also multi-task efficiently, but you’ll have to deal with battery drain also.

The Amazon Fire phone’s Snapdragon 800 processor supports 4 * krait 400 cores that can run up to 2.3 GHz while the Adreno 330 GPU can run up to 450 MHz, at 2GB and 800 MHz. The RAM and the LPDDR3 type are respectively sufficient for whatever work you may be undertaking. You’ll also find out that with high-performance comes battery drain. In fact, one of the lowest points of this fire phone is that you can’t enjoy the high performance and all the exciting features for long.

Dynamic perspective

The dynamic perspective feature is one of the intuitive parts of the fire phone. It manipulates images using the cameras visible in front of the phone; in combination with infrared technology. Different interactions are possible, such as tilt, swivel, peek and auto-scroll. You can tilt around images and view them in 3D. I think Amazon had their store in mind when creating this feature. It works like a carousel; giving you full, almost real view of any images. This feature can improve user shopping experience and help customers imagine what products would look like. This dynamic perspective is available for games, the Amazon map service, and the screensavers. Note that once again, this feature is one of the several battery killers you will want to be wary of.


The Amazon Fire phone supports Dolby digital plus for controlling volume automatically and creating a virtual surround sound. The quality of the fire phone is not as high as you would expect, but for a phone, you can’t complain. Compared to other counterparts – Samsung and Apple, the audio quality of the fire phone is lagging.

Battery life

This aspect is the part that gets customers spitting. The battery life is way lower than advertised. Amazon promised 22hours of talk time and 11 hours of video playback. But reviews confirm that these figures are actually lower than advertised. If you want to have more fun enjoying the great features of this fire phone, I advise you get a backup battery. Another option here is to turn off the Dynamic Perspective feature.

Final verdict

I’ll give this Amazon Fire phone a 4.5/5 star rating. This rating is because it’s complete and has some unique, exceptional features. Though expectations are high, and many can get disappointed, it’s is definitely a good buy.