Best Home Theater Projectors -The MeGooDo LED Mini Portable Projector (320 x...

Best Home Theater Projectors -The MeGooDo LED Mini Portable Projector (320 x 240) Review

Best Home Theater Projectors

The MegooDo LED mini portable projectors was currently on of the best home theater projectors you can acquire for a low price. Do you want to boost your home or outdoor entertainment? If you want to watch your movies or play games on a bigger screen layout, then the MeGooDo LED mini portable projector offers a key solution. With a healthy and long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, you are guaranteed to enjoy your favorite movies hours long. For your games and other entertainment, you no longer have to be limited to the size of your screen as this MeGooDo LED Mini portable projector supports a multimedia option and 1080p HD VGA HDMI TV interface. With the features to read SD card or connect device with USB, you can choose to organize outdoors and indoors entertainment and have a good time with friends.

Reviews show that the picture display can be up to 80 inches diagonally and the image usually pixelated the farther away the projector is from the surface. However, the text and background images may be of low quality when the projector is placed farther from the screen.

The projector also has a built-in speaker to support, but you may have to connect an external speaker to up the audio quality.

Otherwise, you can use a headphone if you want to have a better feel of the sound. The placement of the projector will have to be level and pointing directly to the screen to have a better quality of the images shown and to avoid having a disorganized projection. Another option will be to put the projector closer to your screen surface and use a tripod stand to keep the projection steady.

The point is, getting the best image quality for your projector is something that has to be learned. You have to be trying out new and different positioning until you get the right projection quality that is best for you. To make the projected images on the screen cleaner, you’ll have to keep turning the dial around the lens until you find the desired quality.

MeGooDo Portable Mini LED Projector

Setting up your projector is basically easy. Once you plug in all the necessary gadgets into the right places, and add all other externals, you’ll be good to go.

For pros or business expos, you may find this projector sort of low quality, and rightly so, especially when you consider the price. But it is certainly one of the best home theater projectors under $100. However, it can be the perfect start for you if you’re looking for a simple product with an eye for future upgrades.

My Rating


  • Flexibility of what screen to use.
  • Portable for travel or camps.
  • Good lifespan


  • Audio quality may be lower than expected
  • Getting the right setup can be frustrating
  • Vital accessories missing


If you’re on a budget, this is certainly one of the best home theater projectors to acquire. The MeGooDo mini projector gives you the perfect start for your home or outdoor entertainment. It’s certainly not top notch, but not bad to give it a try. You’ll also need to connect additional speakers to improve the audio quality.

MeGooDo Portable Mini LED Projector

Full review of the MeGooDo LED mini portable projector (best home theater projectors)

If you fancy watching your favorite night thrillers on your ceiling while lying back on your bed, the MeGooDo LED mini portable projector is one of the best home theater projectors that offer a cheap start. With a screen size of 320*240 and a TV set-top box support, you can just connect your TV and start watching your favorite movies instantly. The MeGooDo mini projector has an SD card port, HDMI port, an AV 3-in-1 plug, a VGa port, aUSB port and a headphone plug. You’ll need an SD card adapter if you want to make use of an SD card for your movies and games.

One big turn on for this mini projector is the fact that it is portable and can project videos, games and images up to 100 inches away from your tablet or laptop. So, there should be no limit to where you can watch your favorite netflix or youtube videos. You can even turn your home into a mini cinema and invite friends to come watch with you.

The Package

Out of the box, the MeGooDo LED mini portable projector can be lacking in vital accessories that I think could add more value to the user experience. This can be disappointing but it gives you the choice to implement whatever accessories you think is best for your use. Another red flag is that the MeGooDo package comes without a basic documentation. How do you plug in and connect your projector if you’re not tech-savvy? That’s another problem, and it’s even common with the best home theater projectors

The projector weighs about 1.81 pounds and is covered in white plastic, which creates the perception of fragility. However, this shouldn’t be a problem as the projector is solid enough. Also, you’ll find that the lens is covered with a plastic lid which prevents immediate projection out of the box. So, the first thing you’ll be doing is taking that lid off.

The projector also requires that you constantly set the focus. This is usually a manual process where you’ll be adjusting the projector until you get the right focus. This trial and error process can be a bit discomforting. But, once you get it right, you’ll enjoy what you get. In the package, you’ll find a 3 in 1 AV cable, a remote control (without battery) and the plug.

The Bulb

The bulb for this mini projector is a 25 watts led bulb which can last for as long as 50,000 hours, and the projector is rated up to 60 lumens. These features put the Megoodo amongst the best home theater projectors online. This translates to having your projector for up to a decade; that’s if the figures are true. Also note that this projector is not a pico projector and therefore doesn’t carry a battery. You’ll have to plug in a power source to project your movies and images.

MeGooDo Portable Mini LED Projector


The first thing you’ll likely discover about this mini projector is that the outlet cord is short and can limit your projection in so many ways. This means, you’ll likely have your screen closer than you want and the images may not be projected properly.

For this MeGooDo mini projector. You won’t be able to connect directly to the internet. So, there are no drivers provided. You’ll also find the speakers very limiting for the needed enjoyment. A good option will be to add external speakers to up the audio quality.

One big turn-off for me is that the height of projection cannot be directly set from the projector. You might like to use a stool or stand to get the required projection height. Additionally, too much light in a room or projection venue can wash away colors and affect the quality of images you’ll be getting. This color wash can be anything from partial to total, and can make viewing very unpleasant. This usually common with low-end projectors, but the Megoodo LED mini projector is certainly among the best home theater projectors in the low-end category.

Some reviews also show that control from the menu can become difficult due to foreign language interceptions. But this may not be the case all the time. You also have the option to control the projector using the buttons across the top of the gadget or the remote control (you’ll have to the add batteries to make it work). You can project images and videos at up to 100 inches away. But, note that images can become pixelated half-way that length. So, the 100 inch mark is simply a marketing effort than it is for actual use.

This MeGooDo mini projector comes with a user manual which appears to be poorly written in English. If you do not patiently follow through the manual, you may easily get confused.

Projecting images

If you want to project images from your laptop, you can easily use the HDMI cable which lets you project videos with images exactly as they are(uncompressed). This allows the images in the video to appear with the best quality. The Megood LED mini projector is one best home theater projectors you can use to project images cheaply.

To connect the projector to your laptop, simply identify the HDMI port in the back (laptops carry just one HDMI port), and the projector. Find the HDMI port, which should clearly be marked. Once you find it, place the cable facing the right entry point and slide it in. Once the laptop and the projector are switched on, the image or video will start showing on the surface your projection is pointing.

To get a better projection, you’ll have to continue adjusting your projector in a trial and error process until you get the right focus on the surface screen. In the same, way your laptop is connected, you can also connect your tablet, TV or Roku. Although in the case of the tablet, you may have to use an adapter to connect to your HDMI cable.

You should make sure that the room or place is dark enough in other to project better images. Otherwise, image colors will be washed in white light.

Final Verdict

For the price and what it can offer, I’ll say it’s a good deal. The Megoodo LED mini projector is definitely among the best home theater projectors you can get for under $100. However, you’ll have to take extra care as some review show that some minor faults may arise after long use.

For me, the portability and the use as an alternative to TV is a big turn-on while the low-quality of the speaker and easily diminishing images can be very tough to deal with. Also, most of the accessories that could have up the value of the projector are missing. This situation means that you will have to shell out some extra bucks to take your experience to the next level.

It’s cheap and good enough for starters who just want to have fun and enjoy themselves without scrutinizing the specs and tech quality. This means, HD is not considered and starters will be looking to manage this projector until they are able to afford a better one.

If you are looking for some of the very best home theater projectors with super quality and effects for your business presentations, then this projector isn’t for you. However, it offers an opportunity for those with a limited budget; and can also perform well above average. For this, I’ll give it a 4/5 rating and that’s 80 percent.