Fans in Focus at E3 Major Video Game Trade Show

Fans in Focus at E3 Major Video Game Trade Show

Fans in Focus EA E3 Expo

One of the biggest Video Game Giants, Electronic Arts, stole the spotlight on Saturday by wetting the taste buds of its teeming fans with its popular video game “Star Wars Battlefront.” The major industry trade show, which is coming up in Los Angeles, is going to be a battleground for many video game giants as they look to consolidate their grip on the world’s video game market.

The Hollywood Palladium was filled with professional gamers and enthusiast alike along with EA executives, provided an appetizer of what is to be expected in the coming days. The “Fan Fest,” which is scheduled to last three days, was kick-started at the event and it’s expected to provide gaming enthusiasts a glimpse of what is to come. At the eve of the formal start of the trade-only Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), EA Live will come to an end, signaling the start of an exciting expo.

Shawn Layden, the chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, told AFP that the interest seen in the industry helped to communicate more directly with the average gamer. Unusually, E3 made thousand of tickets (15000 precisely) available for fans at $149 each, which is geared to enable them to attend panels and explore the show floor better. EA was one of the first in the lineup of console and game makers to hold the first series of press events leading up to E3.

Star Wars Battlefront, which was greeted with strong criticisms after its release two years ago, and blockbuster shooter Battlefield, were on display at the event to the amazement and excitement of fans and gaming enthusiast alike.

Andrew Wilson, EA Chief executive, made it known on stage that the company received a good number of positive and constructive feedbacks, which only meant that there was still room for improvement. I for one would prefer playing Star Wars Battlefront than other gamers, despite the flaws seen in its testing. Many gamers also love to play online games like Star Wars Battlefront. These type of gaming enthusiast aren’t obsessed with the perfection of Battlefield or Star Wars Battlefront gameplay, so they might not criticize as compared to professional EA gaming enthusiast.
Some of the glimpses provided by EA art include “Anthem” from Bioware, which is a new science fiction shooter work, and “A Way Out,” which is a buddy, character driven prison break game that fans will need to play cooperatively with their friends and acquaintances.

The major essence of EA’s fan-fest is not only to prepare the ground for its upcoming blockbuster games or build on the gains witnessed in the video game industry but help foster strong friendships and ongoing relationships among gamers in the online community.  Jon Peddie Research’s senior video game analyst, Ted Pollak, said that the E3 event was geared at bringing in people who are fans but not really involved in the in the industry.

Dueling consoles

As earlier stated in the opening paragraphs of this article, the E3 expo with provided a battle arena for major players in the video gaming industry such as Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony to slug it out. Some of these video game consoles have had their fair share of successes with Nintendo captivating the enthusiasm of fans with its recently-launched Twitch and Sony dominating the market with its PlayStation 4 console. Microsoft, on the other hand, isn’t resting on their oars in a bid to establish its dominance in the video game industry. It is expected to unveil at the expo a muscular Xbox console, referred to in development as Scorpio.

Piscatella pointed out the successes of the major game makers with Nintendo making a strong comeback with “Switch,” while PS4 and Xbox have done better at the market compared to their predecessors. Nevertheless, these video game consoles are fast losing ground to their PC counterparts. Makers of computing ‘rigs’ and chips for graphics are expected to showcase their wares at E3. With the growing sophistication and technology witnessed in the industry, we can only be optimistic as to what the future holds for video gaming in the coming years.