Hawking HA09SIP Hi-Gain Omni Directional Antenna Review

Hawking HA09SIP Hi-Gain Omni Directional Antenna Review

Omni directional antenna

The HA09SIP hawking technology powered hi-gain Omni directional antenna increases the strength of your outdoor wireless network and amplifies your network signal up to 360 degrees. With an extended network range that goes as far as 1.5 miles, you can connect the antenna for network distribution to subscribers across multiple locations. The HA09SIP 2.4 GHz wireless antenna offers the complete solution for all your wireless network connection and signal boosting needs.

With the outdoor antenna kits, you have various options for higher network power. It delivers a robust multi-directional signal from an access point or bridge when mounted on a pole at the top of a building or in large spaced areas. Here are the things you’ll find in the package:

– The Mounting Kit
– Connectors
– Surge protector

The HA09SIP omni directional antenna can function together with all wireless access points, wireless routers and wireless network adapters that have external antennas which are removable. For example, you can use the TL-WA5210G high power outdoor antenna with this Hawking HA09SIP wireless device, and you’ll be sure to get the best signal you can get. This device also carries with it, the TNC jumper cable that can be utilized for more flexible compatibility options.

The hawking HA09SIP is also easy to mount. Just like your typical antenna, you can mount your hawking hi-gain antenna and start receiving network signals almost immediately. Note that the antenna doesn’t carry outdoor cables for long distance outdoor connections but includes 10 feet (HAC10N) and 30 feet (HAC30N) outdoor antenna cables for connecting the access points.

omni directional antenna

Reviews show that signal strength can decrease for this HA09SIP omni directional antenna when longer cables are employed. So, it is advisable to use the shortest cable possible by placing the antenna within connected premises. Alternatively, if you want to connect the omni directional antenna through a longer distance, you’ll need to integrate a high-power wireless antenna or the HA014SD higher gain antenna.

My rating:

Excellent signal strength, very robust design. Includes all the connectors you’ll need to create an outdoor access point. It’s relatively easy to mount.

The N-extension cable is missing. The advertised 1.5-mile distance coverage can’t be achieved with a single HA09SIP hi-gain antenna. The lightning arrester ‘s hard to install.
Apparently, you’ll find the HA09SIP hi-gain Omni directional antenna very complete with great range and strong signal. You can extend Wi-Fi coverage to multiple locations and still get a solid 130mbps connection. On the other hand, you shouldn’t expect a network connection over 1.5 miles away with one antenna as advertised. But, with two or more antennas, you can achieve a strong network connection over the said distance. You may not get the best signal at first, but if you continue tweaking your setup, the signal to your access point will surely improve. If you want to improve the performance of your wi-fi drastically, then you should give this HA09SIP a try.

Full review of the HA09SIP Omni Directional Antenna 

If you have a need to extend Wi-Fi coverage to different offices around a building or clients across the street, then this HA09SIP offers a good option. You can connect it to an ASUS RT-N16 router running DD-WRT firmware or to a Linksys WMP600N card in a PC.

As far as your antenna is mounted on a pole outdoors, you’ll be getting a solid 130mbps connection throughout. Your PCs and laptops will also experience great performance and speed owing to the increased range and power provided by this hi-gain antenna. On the other hand, the lightning arrester has proved to be difficult to install. I would have liked to be able to connect the lightning arrester directly to the base of the antenna and then, to the pole. But, you’ll find out that the antenna base covers the connection, and the lightening arrester will be required to be installed in-line with the cable and not to the base of the antenna. You’ll also have to make sure your poles are very long to get better signal and that no buildings are impeding.

The HA09SIP omni directional antenna package carries all the connectors for Linksys WRT model routers. It comes with a lightning arrester, hawking HACST TNC to RP-SMA connector adapter, and hardware for mounting it outdoors.

If you own a Dlink style router, you’ll need to use Rp-SMA connectors. So, you won’t need to purchase other extra fittings. You’ll have to do a lot of tweaking and antenna positioning to get the best out of this device. A 1,000mw wireless booster will help improve the range of this antenna and the shorter your cable, the better the signal strength. So, instead of using the 30 feet cable, use the 10 feet cable.

You can also mount the antenna on the roof of the building or in areas with little interference. This will help improve the signal strength and boost internet speed for your PC.

If you mount the antenna with a line of sight, clear of building interference, you can get up to 1200 ft range of network using just the antenna and a Linksys wrt-54gl router.

Here are some of the specs you need to know about


The signal strength of this HA09SIP omni directional antenna is one of the pros you’ll find very attractive. When connected, you can have coverage for up to 3 floors of a building and still get a strong signal. Unlike other wireless antennas that may fluctuate, the higher in the building you go, this antenna maintains a strong signal of about 4-5 bars. Also, note that this achievement is subject to the number of HA09SIP wireless antenna you use. Most reviews confirmed that a single omni directional antenna will find it hard to achieve this. It’s also important to note how the length of the cable will affect signal strength for this omni directional antenna. The antenna is designed in such a way that longer cables may lose signal strength during transmission. So, instead of using the HAC30N 30ft cable, I’ll advise you use the HAC10N 10ft cable.

Omni directional antenna


To setup wireless coverage over a long distance, you’ll need two HA09SIP omni directional antennae. Simply connect the Hawking HAC10N 10ft outdoor cable with the first antenna and HWBA54G hawking wireless access point. Then use the second antenna and another HWBA54G as the access point, which is connected by an HAC30N 30ft outdoor cable to extend the network signal to other distant locations. To avoid dead spots, you can use the Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 to get a complete wireless coverage indoors.


To extend network coverage outdoors, you’ll have to purchase two HA09SIP antennas. One will be the primary Wi-Fi router while the other will be for the other distant location. Once the remote antenna is connected to a wi-fi repeater (preferably the Hawking HWREN1 hi-gain wireless 300N range extender), and two antenna inputs established (one for directional and the other omni directional), you’ll start enjoying good network coverage.

You can mount the antennas outdoors. But, to get enough signal and full speed internet connection, you’ll be required to use the HAC10N 10ft cable. You should also note that one antenna will not give you what you want if you’re extending the network to multiple locations. You’ll likely need a router coupled to another antenna (Omni directional) or a repeater to get quality network signal.

You can always keep the USB cable as long or short as you want. But, if you’re concerned about the quality of your network, you’ll have to keep your antenna cable shorter to the adapter. Adjusting your antenna positions may also improve the WImax reception strength up to 7 points. Finally, if you connect the hawking hi-gain antenna to an Engenius router having 600mw recess point, and set the range to about 2 kilometers, you can get a full strength Wi-Fi signal at about 1/4 miles away.

Final verdict

As seen throughout the review, the best connection is gotten with a line of sight and with more than one HA09SIP antenna connected. If you can follow this method, you won’t have any problem with the performance of the product.

With the antenna boasting of a 9dbi, I think it trumps most of the output you’ll find around any day. If you’re tired of having to put up with just 2-bars network signals. Then, you’ll make this antenna your choice. For me, the high point is that it functions well even in a windy atmosphere as long as it’s mounted in the right spot.

The only little problem you may encounter can be in the installation. And this may not even be a problem if you have the right people to set up the system for you. I’m giving this HA09SIP hi-gain wireless outdoor antenna a 4.0/5 rating for its completeness and ease of use.

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