Home Theater Installation – 5 Things to Consider When Creating a Home...

Home Theater Installation – 5 Things to Consider When Creating a Home Cinema on a Budget

home theater installation

Before embarking on a customized home theater installation, you may want to check around for ideas and inspiration. A good home theater design can improve your movie viewing experience if well executed. Watching movies in the cinemas these days can be thrilling, especially if you take into cognizance the kind of equipment that are utilized. It’s very romantic taking your loved ones to the cinema because it affords you all the opportunity of strengthening existing bonds.

You may want to have that quiet, comfortable time with loved ones but that can’t really be done at the movie theater. That’s the more reason you should consider setting up a customized home theater installation at home because it affords you the opportunity of watching your favorite movies amongst the people you love. We all know setting up a private cinema involves cost, but if you must do it, try to get it right the first time.

Important things to consider during a customized home theater installation

Wall surface

When you examine the kind of walls found in theaters, you’ll discover that they are mainly covered with fancy indoor/outdoor carpets, and they are placed on acoustic boards which aren’t a common feature in most homes. You can visit any home improvement store around you to get an estimate on the lightweight acoustic board, and then factor in the cost of the indoor carpet as well as installation cost, of which you’ll need an experienced carpenter to execute. Our major intention is to make our homes resemble a modern day movie theater, and that’s why you need to customize your home theater installation to your taste and preference. You should be able to execute successfully this stage of your home theater installation under $500.


Don’t underestimate the psychological impact the ceiling can exact when watching movies. You need it to be as real it can be. Most cinemas have fiberglass panels, which add to the aesthetics of their auditorium. Some homes don’t have high ceilings, which is important if you want to add a dropped ceiling to your cinema room. Those with high ceilings can install inexpensive fiberglass insulation and then create a dropped ceiling which must be covered with fiberglass, so as to make it as realistic as possible. Make sure you install the necessary hardware such as wiring for the light, speakers and your mini LED projector during your home theater installation. The cost of this installation can vary between $200 and $400. It all depends on the size of your ceiling.

Lighting and Furnishing

home theatre installation

Lighting and Furnishing is one of the most important factors to consider when setting up a home movie theater. Lighting should be excellent as it is one of the best selling points of public cinemas. Your home furnishing should also resemble, to an extent, what you’d find in movie theaters. Pay attention to sitting plan to ensure that nothing is obstructing your viewers from relieving the cinematic experience in your home cinema. Try to acquire the kind of seats you’d find in theaters, not just the standard living room couch.


Most cinemas use colors that help to reduce reflections as well as create the impression of a bigger auditorium. You may want to consider using colors similar to what you’d find in modern cinemas because it will contribute significantly to your viewers’ experience. It doesn’t cost much to get the right colors in the right places.

Video Equipment

Most people are torn between using 3D TV or HD projectors. Of course, both are great, but the former is a lot more expensive to acquire. Many people use cheap projectors such as Megoodo Led Mini ProjectorHTP LED-33, Fugetek FG-637 and a lot more when starting out. But they subsequently move on to powerful projectors such as Sony VPL-VW350ES, BenQ W1070+, Epson EH-LS1000 and much more. All these selections largely depend on the depths of your pockets.

Final thoughts

It’s not easy setting up your person home cinema, because it involves lots of time, money, and other resources. You can comfortably set up a customized home theater installation with a budget of $2000 to $3000. Everything boils down to what your pockets can afford. People who have installed theirs know the real value of relieving the cinematic experience with the people they love.