Samsung Galaxy S4 Review – What You Need to Know Before Purchasing...

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review – What You Need to Know Before Purchasing it

Samsung galaxy s4 review

This Samsung Galaxy S4 review primarily covers the most important aspects of one of the world’s best-selling smartphones of all times. What’s the definition of smart? Can’t find a simple answer? Then give the Samsung Galaxy S4 a try. With each unique feature adding the needed buzz and smartness to your lifestyle, you can bet that every minute of your day will be filled with exciting photos, music and fun games.

Majorly an improvement on the Samsung Galaxy s3 with regards to the HD screen, camera, and size; the Samsung Galaxy s4 helps you produce that amazing photo that will make friends stare.

More interestingly, you can share screens with friends even when you’re farther apart; this ensures that your favorite music, videos, and games are shared in that same togetherness.

For the workaholics, you can be rest-assured that all your productivity and multitasking needs are simplified in just one gadget. You can make calls, play games and surf the Internet without any restriction.

The Samsung Galaxy s4 can also be used as your TV remote control and can monitor the movements of your face when using the smartSTAY and smartPAUSE features. This means, the smartSTAY feature knows when you’re looking away and will automatically dim the brightness of your devices. On the other hand, the smartPause helps you pause and unpause videos by looking away and looking back at the screen respectively. This feature ensures that you don’t miss a bit of the action every time. Now, what’s smart?

My Rating:


Incredibly compact hardware, very bright and large screen size, fast and smooth dual cameras, long-lasting batteries, and great user experience. The Android OS V4.2.2 (jellyBean) makes connectivity a breeze.


Extremely fragile, battery life doesn’t complement unlimited usage and enjoyment of the gadget. Few camera crashes reported with latest firmware updates.


It’s an excellent choice for both travelers and fun seekers, great for events too. I’ll advise you limit multi-tasking to save battery life, or just get an extra battery. If you already have a Samsung galaxy s3, I’ll suggest you stick with it, as the upgrade from s3 to s4 doesn’t come to much effect to me.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Review


The Full Samsung Galaxy s4 Review

The Samsung Galaxy s4 brings something new to the table. The video playback is sharp and amazing to watch with lots of options and flexibility to customize it.

With 1080p at 30fps, dual-video OS: Android OS v4.2.2 (jellyBean), even more, iPhone users are willing to make the switch and try their hands on this device. Interesting enough, it is also surprisingly simple to use, and most first-time users will be appreciative of its simple-to-use interface.

Programs and apps are also integrated by Samsung to ease your day and help you with all those little daily tasks. The magnificent display is also not left out with HD Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen having 16 colors and 441 PPI pixel density; you’ll be getting larger image sizes and better picture quality.

The HD playback and HD recording of videos are also sharp and smooth. If you’re a movie lover, you’ll find the video play seamless, and high quality as the CPU comes with a quad-core 1.6 GHZ cortex-A15 and quad-core 1.2 GHZ cortex-A7. You also have the option to boost your video experience by adding a microSD with an SD adapter. Type of videos that are compatible includes AVI/DIVX, WMV/ASF, FLV, MKV, MP4/3GP, WEBM, and HDR.

Another interesting feature is the watchON, which utilizes infrared sensor technology and turns your phone into a remote control. You’ll also find the games extremely HD with optimal performance enabled by the power VR SGX544 Mp3 GPU.

The air gestures feature also brings something new that you wouldn’t find in other smartphones. With just a flip of your palms across the surface of the phone, you can open tabs, select apps, browse music and do more exciting things on one hand. The IR sensor on the top of the phone directly detects your hand’s movement and helps you perform simple tasks. Although this feature isn’t as efficient just yet, it’s something you’ll find interesting, especially if you’ve never used Samsung phones.

The Review of Samsung Galaxy S4



This aspect is perhaps on of the high points of the Samsung galaxy s4 review. The display gets better with the 1080*1920 pixels; 5 inches display with 441 PPI pixel density. For your videos and pictures, the large display makes viewing fun and exciting. The image quality too is one of the upsides of this gadget. Compared with other phones like the iPhone 5, the crispiness and the power of the screen display is wowing. Games look awesome, and the videos are amazing. However, the negative side of the screen is that you get more accidental screen touches due to the display size. This situation can cause a lot of messy and annoying navigation problems, especially when operating the device on one hand. Other phones do better, especially the iPhone.


Usability is another crucial aspect of this Samsung galaxy s4 review. The Samsung galaxy s4 offers a beautiful experience that you won’t quickly forget. Firstly, the text messaging is simply perfect. When you type a message and forget to hit the send button, the phone automatically lets you know by labeling it as a draft. This means that you can easily differentiate between sent and unsent messages.

The typing is also balanced as the swipe function allows you type faster than you would have. It fixes capitalization of letters and helps you do all your copy and pasting with one touch. You can also increase and decrease your font size using the volume up and down button.

For incoming calls, you can quickly “ignore with text” when busy or in a meeting. So, instead of hitting the reject button, you can send a prompt to your caller with a text saying “I’m busy, call you in a minute”. The navigation on the Samsung Galaxy is also worth mentioning. You can easily access the menu and back buttons at the same place to navigate in and around pages. This feature is missing on the iPhone.

App Store Demo

The App store demo is an important high point of this Samsung galaxy s4 review. How’s that feeling of uncertainty when you’re about installing a new app on your phone? Some apps don’t meet expectations, and you’ll likely be taking a gamble installing them (especially paid ones). The PlayStore app sellers are encouraged to add a short demo video about their apps. This demo will let you take a look at how effective the app will be before installing them. So, no more fear of installing crap like you’d feel with the iPhone. On the other side, switching from one app to another is somewhat clumsy compared to the iPhone. To go back and forth through app launches, you’ll have to go through a layering process which is pretty annoying.

 Air Gestures

This air gestures feature is yet another amazing feature included in our Samsung Galaxy s4 review. This feature is one of the most hyped features of the Samsung Galaxy s4. But if I must say, it doesn’t perform one bit up to the high expectations. I would have expected to use this function in accessing almost every part of the phone as advertised. That is, text, apps, and web pages, but not so. If you’ve watched the Samsung Galaxy s4 commercials and you’ve been convinced to jump ship by those people performing several tasks just by the flick of their palms, then, you’ll be in for a big disappointment. The Air Gesture feature is turned off by default, and when they are switched on, you still require way too much screen touching to access the function, which, in my opinion, defeats the whole purpose eventually. Again, the app stores are just too much for a single profile. Imagine having the Google play store, several Amazon stores (annoying?) and multiple other stores from Samsung. Which one will you choose? Definitely, one or two stores become irrelevant, and you wouldn’t want that on your supposedly simple and uncluttered phone.



Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera
The camera functionalities have lived up to the billing, based on our test and ratings received from other Samsung galaxy s4 reviews on the web.With a touchWIZ UI camera having 13MP, 4128*3096 pixels auto focus and primary LED flash, the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera is super fast and produces high-quality images with a lot of options for editing. But Samsung galaxy s4 reviews online show that about one in ten shots can come out blurred when you’re not using any settings. However, when the images are good, they’re awesome to behold.

 Battery life

The battery life is a crucial aspect of our Samsung Galaxy s4 review. For a phone of this capability, you shouldn’t expect much from the battery life. But, if you’re patient enough to avoid multi-tasking, you’ll have a battery that will last enough for consistent use. Otherwise, get an extra battery or two and start using your Galaxy s4 on full gear. Generally, if you want your battery to last long enough, just make sure it doesn’t discharge less than 15%.


The internet connectivity is fast and good, and you can easily connect your Wi-Fi without problems. The Wi-Fi signal around a four wall room is strong enough and doesn’t break. So, you can be rest-assured that your downloads and browsing are not interrupted. Our Samsung galaxy S4 review on its connectivity shows that it the Galaxy S4 isn’t a bad choice, especial when compared to similarly priced smartphones.


The speaker quality of the Galaxy s4 is good and that is the reason it made our Samsung galaxy s4 review. So, you can always take calls on through the loudspeaker, play music and videos, and enjoy games with audio on. However, the vibration strength is very tiny and sometimes negligible.

 Final verdict

This Samsung Galaxy S4 review has hit the hight points of the Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 gets a rating of 4.6/5 owing to its standard and improved features that can be missing in most high-end smartphones around. The screen camera and the overall appearance really stands out and affect users experience positively. If regular software upgrades are made available to correct some minor bugs and malfunctions, this Smartphone will become truly captivating and worth every single penny.