Seiki 4k review 2017 – Seiki SE42UMS 42-inch 4K Ultra HD LED...

Seiki 4k review 2017 – Seiki SE42UMS 42-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV

Seiki 4k review

This Seiki 4K review epitomizes the achievement Seiki in the production of high-quality LED HDTV over the years. The Seiki SE42UMS 42-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV is the hallmark of creativity and technology, as outlined by some Seiki TV reviews online and is amongst the best LED TVs from the stables of Seiki. If you think that the Standard HDTV picture clarity is at its peak and can’t get any better or clearer, think again! The 4K Ultra HD LED technology raises the Standard HD bar in multiple folds, as it’s delivers four times the picture quality and clarity than you’d get on a standard HDTV.

Seiki 4k review

The Seiki SE42UMS 42-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV even offers users more functionalities and features, which have been well blended to improve their overall TV viewing experience, and that’s the primary reason we decided to create the Seiki 4K review.

Why 4K Technology?

When it comes to watching TV programs or even playing HD video, nothing can be compared to picture quality and clarity. For many, picture quality and clarity is key to improving their overall viewing experience. 4K technology is the current global standard for most new LED HDTV and offers users four times the power and efficiency of Standard HDTVs. Many broadcasters and movie producers are currently streamlining their contents to harness the power of 4K Ultra HD. The faster you upgrade to the 4k HD standard, the better it will be for everyone. This Seiki 4K review was also created to enlighten everyone on the benefits of upgrading to 4K Technology.

Seiki 4k review

The 4K Content Enhancements

Many Seiki 4K reviews online have acknowledged the fact that the 4K technology is still in its teething phase, as many of its features are underutilized. However, you must understand that the world is fast evolving in the area of HD technology, and it won’t be long before your current standard HD LED TV becomes obsolete junk. You can still enjoy 4K technology using specialized add-ons such as the U-Vision 4K HDMI cable, especially if you have lots of HD contents. The Unique Vision 4K HDMI cable add-on helps to convert and upscale your HD videos into 4K HD contents or something closest to it.

More features and ports

The Seiki SE42UMS 42-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV comes with a variety of state-of-the-art connectivity options. It comes with HDCP as well as HDMI ports, which are the best standards in the HDTV industry. These ultra-modern TV ports allow users to enjoy HD content with alarming clarity and precision, as compared to what was obtainable in the past. This 4K HDTV comes with 3 HDMI ports, which is basically enough to keep all your video gadgets connected at the same time without the need to swap them. However, you may not need to use the HDCP technology at the moment because it’s still being introduced in the HDTV market and is yet roll out fully. However, it’s better you’re better prepared to embrace the HDCP port technology, as it can become the global standard in the nearest future.

Seiki 4k review


  • Features the revolutionary, cutting-edge 4K technology, optimized for superb               picture quality
  • Comes in a sleek, ultra modern design
  • Features 1 HDCP port, 3HDMI ports and a host of other ports for older devices
  • Easy to install and setup in a matter of minutes


  • Despite its impressive 4K features, it lacks the SmartTV functionality. Meaning, it         isn’t a Smart TV

The Verdict

This Seiki 4K review does justice to the Seiki SE42UMS 42-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV, at least, in the major areas that matter. The 4K capability of this HDTV makes it compliant with global standards in HDTV technology, which means that you can enjoy four times the best Video or broadcast content than you would get in standard HD, without necessarily breaking the bank. The ultra modern design helps to improve the aesthetics of your living rooms, lounges, and offices. If you love 4K HDTV technology, and you aren’t too concern about its lack of smart features and functionalities, then the Seiki SE42UMS 4K HDTV will make a good buy.