Seiki TV Reviews 2017 – Seiki SE43FY 43-Inch 1080P 60Hz LED TV...

Seiki TV Reviews 2017 – Seiki SE43FY 43-Inch 1080P 60Hz LED TV (2015 Model)

Seiki TV reviews

Many Seiki TV Reviews online have given the Seiki SE43FY 43-Inch 1080P LED TV a pass mark for its simplicity and affordability, not minding the fact that it isn’t a smart TV. However, we aren’t too concerned about its lack of Smart functionality, but rather what it has to offer for the price tag it carries. The Seiki SE43FY 43-inch LED TV comes packed with a remote control and a TV stand. After installation, it measures 38.35 X 24 X 3.28 inches, which is quite moderate going by industry standards. It also comes with a USB port and 3 HDMI ports, and there is also the optional wall mounting kit (Not included), which you can use to mount you Seiki SE43FY on your wall if you prefer that option.

Impressive design with great audio and vision Quality

Many Seiki TV reviews online have praised the Seiki SE43FY LED TV for striking a good balance between design, audio, and visual quality. The black finish of this amazing HDTV is simple, yet stylish and classy, as it comes packed with a slim bezel design with black finishing. Its simple yet sophisticated design makes the Seiki SE43FY 43-Inch LED TV easy to deploy in the lounge, living room or even bedroom. In addition to its impressive design, considerable attention has been paid to detail with the utilization of a single cable connection that enhances data control, picture quality, and the surround sound functionality.

Seiki TV reviews

Good high definition TV picture quality

One aspect that has often been highlighted in most Seiki TV reviews online is the efficient deployment of advanced backlit Light Emitting Diode technology, which is optimized to improve HD picture quality. The Seiki SE43FY is no exception, as it effectively utilizes the advanced backlit Light Emitting Diode in delivering breathing visuals, at least for the price it commands. Color balance and contrast are also good, as they work in tandem with the advanced backlit LED to enhance picture quality.

Better Management of children’s visual content

This is one major area the Seiki SE43FY 43-inch have received good ratings from most Seiki TV reviews and users. With the preponderance of explicit contents in the media and online, it’s our responsibility to protect our kids against these obscene and X-rated visual materials. That’s why the manufacturers of Seiki TV have taken it upon themselves to include a special V-Chip technology in the Seiki SE43FY 1080P LED TV. This V-chip technology enables you to choose the programs based on their ratings for children, as well as exclude programs you’ve deemed unsuitable for them.

30 day Tech support and a full year warranty

We all know that it takes time getting used to new products and tech, and that’s why Seiki, like most popular HDTV brands, have taken it upon themselves to provide 30-day tech support for its customers. Customers are entitled to a troubleshooting service as well as 30day telephone support. However, customers are only entitled to their technical support after their product has been delivered, and not after purchase. Your product warranty is valid for a whole year, which means if the product becomes defective and is irreparable, you’d get a replacement.


  • Advanced LED backlight technology
  • Full HDTV (1080p of resolution)
  • Features 1 USB and 3 HDMI ports
  • Impressive Refresh Rate: 60 Hz (Native)
  • Comes with Remote control and TV Stand


  • There no much cons about the Seiki SE43FY 43-inch LED TV, except for the fact that it isn’t a Smart TV, other than that, it’s perfect for its price.

The Verdict

While most Seiki TV reviews online have given the Seiki SE43FY 43-inch 1080P 60Hz LED a pass mark for its features and quality, we are recommending this product as one of the best budget TVs for those with limited finances. It may not have all the whistles and bells like the Samsung, LG and Sony’s of this world, but it certainly punches above its weight in the HDTV budget category. If you are not much concerned about its lack of smart functionalities and features, and you are looking for an HDTV with moderate functionalities and fair pricing, then you should consider pitching your tent with the Seiki SE43FY 43-inch LED TV. If you’d like to see other Seiki tv reviews, you can check this page.