Smartphones – How to Get the Very Best from Your Smartphone

Smartphones – How to Get the Very Best from Your Smartphone

Smartphones are like mini computers and they can be used to effectively organize our activities and schedules

Smartphones are like pocket-sized computers that can be carried around easily. They can be used to pay bills, take pictures, play video games, and for other important activities. However, not everyone is getting the best value from their smartphones, and the reason isn’t farfetched, not everyone has the right knowledge required to maximize and utilize their smartphones to full capacity.

How to get the very best from the use of Smartphones

Since Smartphones are like mini-computers, you can gain so much by learning how to exploit the capabilities of these smart devices entirely. Smartphones aren’t manufactured as jewelry, or for ostentation; rather they were developed to provide us their unique capabilities in the areas of management, communication, organization and for other essential aspects of our lives. These are some of the ways you could maximize and harness the potential of your Smartphone for the utmost benefit.

Keep in touch

You must try to get involved in social media in other to harness the potential that lies within it. Many Smartphone owners have poor social media life, because everything about them is business, making calls, and probably, reading boring eBooks. They fail to maximize the potential of the social media applications packed in their smartphones for their benefit. For starters, you could connect with potential business partners so as to promote your products and services. You could also meet your potential life partner via the social media; the benefits are numerous.

Engage your contacts

Your Smartphone is designed to effectively manage the contacts of people that matter to you. You could assign individual characters or features to different members of your contact group for easy reach. The contacts stored on your Smartphone are meant to be reached and not for decoration. There are third-party apps that can help you keep and manage a good contact list. Download these apps and use them to your benefit.

Create amazing videos

Videos are very engaging and can be used to promote products, businesses, campaigns and many more. The average Smartphone come equipped with powerful digital Cameras that make taking pictures, easy and fun. Some people hardly activate their Smartphone’s camera because they feel it’s a waste of precious time or that such actions are meant for kids. You should know that your Smartphone’s powerful camera, depending on brand, can help you capture life’s finest moments. You could take photographs of important events, locations, functions and even important maps and documents, and then share them with family and friends using the social media functionality embedded in your Smartphone.

Surf the internet

Our smartphones come equipped with powerful internet browsers that provide us easy access to the internet, which is a compendium of valuable information and resources. You should understand that your Smartphone isn’t a fully fledged computer because there would be certain lapses here and there, especially in the area of web performance. You’d discover that some websites load better than others, and they provide you easy access to almost every page on that site. Try visiting sites optimized for Smartphones; that way, you’d enjoy your internet experience.

How can your smartphone Give you the Killer Edge?

Make important presentations

Your Smartphone can be used to prepare and deliver presentations at meetings, seminars, schools, forums and other important places and events. You just need to prepare your presentations and set the appropriate timing. The advantage of using your Smartphone for presentations is because of its portability, and it also allows you to create presentations on-the-go, e.g., in cars, buses, trains and many other places.

You can beat deadlines

If you belong to the corporate world, you must understand the importance of meeting deadlines. In certain professions, the preservation of offices and positions often depend on the occupant’s ability to deliver within strict time limits. Your Smartphone can be used to carryover work wherever you go. There are times when using laptops may not be appropriate, especially in tight spaces, and sometimes you may not have the strength to carry laptops about because they can sometimes weigh heavily.

Gain fast access to information in real-time

The world today is driven by information, and the person with the fastest access to information is King. For example, you are in an interactive seminar, and you really want to standout and earn valuable contacts as well, you’ll need to research the speaker’s topic in real-time so that you can contribute as a knowledgeable individual. Your contribution will impress the speaker and other participants, which could ultimately earn you some valuable contacts.

Personal Archive

– You can look into your repository of information and ideas stored on your smartphones and use them to your advantage, especially as we live in world full of opportunities. You can use your Smartphone to jot down ideas that come to mind as well as jot down important notes at special events. These ideas or notes, may not be useful to you at the moment, but will most certainly be in the nearest future. Do not despise ideas, irrespective of their nature or perceived importance, because they might help you stand out in future.


Smartphones will continue to play pivotal roles in our lives. But the major question is, to what extent?  We all know that not everyone can fully utilize their smartphones to its fullest potential. But for people who will, they’ll get the edge over their compatriots who have relegated the importance of fully exploiting their smartphones. As the world becomes more sophisticated each day, we just might see our smartphones controlling every aspect of our lives, complex processes, and supercomputers systems in no distant time.