Spyx Night Vision Binoculars with Infrared Review & Specs (Spy Gear for...

Spyx Night Vision Binoculars with Infrared Review & Specs (Spy Gear for Kids)

Spy gear for kids

SpyX Night vision binoculars are one of the best spy gear for kids you can get online. Whether you’re looking to go on a night mission or just want to have a binoculars replica to play with, the SpyX night hawk binoculars offer just what you want – Fun, rigid and cool. Hardly seen as a toy, and weighing up to 0.4 ounces, these binoculars are the perfect spy gear toy for adventurous kids. Designed to match some features of the latest surveillance technology, and offering more than an average range for a toy of its kind, the SpyX binoculars could make a kid’s heaven and more.

My Rating


Very robust design to support its durability, light weight and ease of carriage for kids, good focal length for a toy, good battery life, can be used at night.


No strap for hanging it around the neck like actual binoculars, double images may appear and cannot be corrected, definitely not for serious use.

My recommendation

This toy could make the perfect spy gear for kids. But don’t expect too much from it as an adult. Return if the package is defective.

The Full review of the spyx night hawk binoculars with infrared

From very high expectations to disappointments, this product could be as deceptive as you want it to be. Easily mistaken for actual binoculars and breaking adults’ hearts, this toy could be a real fun product for kids on the other side of the spectrum. If you want some serious night fun with the kids, then these binoculars offer just that. Black and rigid, good focal length and cool overall. Though, as an adult myself, I can sometimes be disappointed with this binoculars. Since, some other features can be added to improve its overall quality and also, to justify its price tag. But to be clear, this is a spy gear for kids, which makes it strictly for kids. So no real issue may be found in the quality of this product. And as for the price, if the kids can have fun with it, then no qualms.


night vision binoculars

The design is one of the biggest selling points of this binoculars. The manufacturer puts into consideration what you (or rather, the kids) expects, and wants you to have almost the same fun experience with this product as you would get with an actual binocular. Meeting the black color expectation and having a rigid design to match its usability, you could sometimes feel like you have a real binoculars in hand. Kids don’t know this. This binocular also borrows some design features from some of the latest surveillance technologies and equipment, making a good first impression and raising the overall quality perception.


How much fun can you have at night? This binocular makes sure that the call is yours. With the integration of high infrared technology, it becomes an all-day companion, able to function any time of the day correctly, even in total darkness! For me, the usability can be one of the stars of this binoculars. Kids could have fun all day long whether indoors or outdoors, getting the same quality and fun anywhere anytime. In fact, it may become hard to get your kid off this toy once they have a grab on it. On the other side, I expected the manufacturer to make provisions for adding a strap to go around the neck like an actual binocular. This feature will boost not only the fun experience for kids but also support the product usability and safety.


Overall, the technology utilized in this product is below average. Apart from the infrared integration to aid night vision, there’s nothing more that is unique about this binoculars. But, considering that it’s actually a spy gear for kids, the technology implemented should be ok in supporting usability. Also, considering the price and the hype, if your expectations are high for this binoculars, you may start to view this product as a cheap plastic. But, don’t get lost. It’s actually a toy! But a good spy gear for kids.


The focal length of this SpyX Binoculars also offers something more than average. Able to focus and grab images that are up to 50 feets, you can spy in and around your environs e.g. your neighbours. I think this feature makes it somewhat more than a toy. If you can use this binocular to spy effectively, then it should be seen as more valuable than an actual toy.

Focus and lens adjustment knobs

Another useful feature from a supposed toy. You can choose to zoom in and out, and make lens changes using the buttons on the viewing scope. This feature ensures that you have options for the kinds of images you view. You can alter your focal length and embolden your images just by the turn of a knob, making the experience more valuable. I think this feature adds more to the usability. When images become blurred, you embolden them. And when the images are too far off, you can zoom in to make them legible. What toy does that? To be overly enthusiastic, I would have loved this binocular to have more functions concerning the focus and lens adjustments.

What’s wrong with having removable lenses that can be added according to the user’s preferences? The problem here is that the binoculars is a toy and will always have its limitations. But it can actually be a good buy if your intention is to give it to a kid. The adjustable power mode is another life saver that comes with this binoculars. If you care so much about your battery life and the longevity of your kid’s playtime, then this feature will most certainly interest you. With just the touch of a button, you can choose how much power to use for the binoculars. I think this feature is super cool and over the top, and it may elude a kid’s operational ability.

But a better option would be just to switch off or remove the battery rather than leave the binoculars in idle mode. You can just sacrifice the quality of your binocular experience for the longevity of your battery life by switching to low power mode. Or sacrifice your battery life for a more complete and fun spying experience by turning to the high power mode. One other feature I would have loved to see with this product, though on the high side, would be a battery strength indicator.

Maybe a led, or anything at all to show how much battery is being expended or indication that the battery is weak. I wouldn’t like a case where the binocular just goes off without notice, in the middle of something interesting. Well, that’s me, and a kid may think differently. Nevertheless, this feature is rated well above average especially when you consider that this is a toy.

Final verdict

The infrared technology for night vision is a white flag for me and probably the biggest value out of the box for this binoculars. A neck strap for the binoculars would have been perfect and help encourage kids to go on an adventure with their new toy. I think this can improve the overall usability, especially for children. The focal length is also good value for a kids toy. A child will definitely be impressed with this product, and this should be the basis of your purchasing decision. A spy gear for kids, but definitely not for adults. Features can improve to attract other interested age groups.