TCL TV Reviews 2017 : The TCL 32S3850 32-inch 720P 60Hz Roku...

TCL TV Reviews 2017 : The TCL 32S3850 32-inch 720P 60Hz Roku Smart LED TV (2015 Model)

TCL TV Reviews

TCL TV brands are great and popular, with many TCL TV reviews online giving thumbs up to most of their products.  Roku, which is one of the world’s best streaming service, has teamed up with TCL to produce the TCL 32S850 32-inch 720P 60Hz Roku Smart LED TV. This alliance allows the TCL 32S3850 32-inch Smart TV helps it stand out with regards to entertainment and quality, as it offers more features than other standard smart TVS in a single box.

Keeps your favorite TV shows a touch away

When it comes to entertainment, there is a never-ending stream of fresh, juicy visual contents with the TCL 32S3850 Roku Smart LED TV and this fact hasn’t gone unrecognized by most TCL TV reviews online. This TV is “SMART” in every sense of the word as menus can easily be customized, controlled and personalized just like smartphones in other to keep important features and functionalities within easy reach. For example, you can customize the Roku home screen to contain your favorite broadcast TV shows, favorite streaming channels and gaming consoles which you can decide to put in center or front. The TCL 32S3850 easy-to-use interface helps to take the stress off your mind when navigating cluttered menus and other unnecessary programs to find the programs or movies of your choice. Switching between apps and programs is seamless and easy, thanks to the TCL 32S3850 32-ich TV intuitive and responsive interface.

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A Massive collection of streaming channels

Variety, they say, is the spice of life. The ability to choose at will from a bunch of exciting, juicy channels is one of the strongest points of the TCL 32S3850 32-inch Roku Smart LED TV. This massive collection of streaming channels includes live sports, music videos, TV episodes, news broadcast, movies and much more. You can easily entertain your guest or viewers with shows revolving around important topics such as religion, lifestyle, science, technology, tourism, sports, and fitness. There is also a collection of free channels and movies on Netflix, most especially if you have subscribed to their service. So you’ll enjoy these free channels at no extra cost. With this massive collection of streaming channels and programs within reach, you are guaranteed maximum exposure to premium, world-class entertainment.

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Premium Ultra-modern design

Many TCL TV reviews online have given the TCL 32S3850 Roku Smart LED TV a pass mark for its sophisticated and ultra-modern design. For starters, it’s a Smart TV so you shouldn’t expect anything less from the TCL 32S3850 Roku Smart LED TV when it comes to external finishing. This Smart TV exudes class and elegance with its all-around metallic finishing, which helps to improve the aesthetics of your living rooms, offices, and lounges. This Smart TV also comes with an Aluminum Quad Stand that contrasts effectively with the Smart TV’s black Screen to give it that elegant, premium look most flat panel TV lovers crave.


  • Lets you easily transfer videos, photos, and music from your tablet or Smartphone to your TV
  • Allows you to easily track and monitor your favorite programs and channels, reminding you when you need to tune in, so you don’t miss a thing
  • Lets you use the Roku remote, your Smartphone and tablet (equipped with their app) to search and add new channels quickly and easily
  • Seamless integration with Netflix, which allows you to access quickly and stream world-class movies and web videos easily


  • Most Roku TVs have issues with low internal storage capability, and the TCL 32S3850 Smart LED is no exception. However, considering its price, the TCL 32S3850 internal memory capability isn’t too bad
  • Picture quality isn’t too impressive, but hey! It’s a budget, entry-level Smart LED TV. So you should be realistic with your expectations

The Verdict

The TCL 32S3850 32-inch Roku Smart LED TV may not have all the “whistles and bells” of traditional, high-end Smart TV brands, but it certainly punches above its weight when it comes to accessing premium channels, web videos, and movies. Its intuitive, easy-to-use interface is a delight to many viewers, and this fact has largely been acknowledged by most TCL TV reviews online. If you are looking for a Smart LED TV to offer you access to non-stop entertainment channels and streaming services, for a decent price, you should consider owning the TCL 32S3850 tv 32-inch Roku Smart LED TV.