Top 10 Best Spy Gear for Kids 2017 under $50

Top 10 Best Spy Gear for Kids 2017 under $50

Spy gear for Kids

If you are looking to surprise your children any time of the year, you should consider cool spy gear for kids. Kids love spy gadget a lot, just like what they see in the movies, and would relish any gift that replicate their favorite spy gear they love. However, choosing Spy gear for kids may appear easy on paper, but in reality, you could make wrong choices and decisions in this regard. There are lots of inferior spear gear toys online but knowing which toy to avoid may seem a daunting task for many. However, we have taken it upon ourselves to recommend the very best spy gadgets you could use to surprise and impress your kids in this buying guide. Moreover, most of the Spear for kids featured in this buying guide sell for less than $50, which means you could get something nice and interesting for your lovely kids without burning a hole in your pocket

10 Spy Gear for Kids under $100

We have taken time to analyze most of the gadgets featured on this list and have sampled many customer reviews on Amazon and have compiled a solid list of what we think are the best spy gear for kids. With that being said, these our top 10 Spy Gear for Kids.

1.   Spektiv Monocular Telescope (8 X 20)

Spektiv Monocular scope

The Spektiv monocular telescope comes in a well crafted, aluminum build, designed for outdoor use. This mini monocular telescope guarantees moderate vision with its red film-coated lens. Even in dark conditions, The Spektiv Mini Telescope still performs moderately, especially when compared to other products in its class. It has an impressive, fashionable and sophisticated design that gives this monocular telescope a high-end appeal. It’s quite portable, and can easily fit into the palm of your hands and pockets.

The focus is good, but not great; however, one shouldn’t expect many high-end functionalities from a relatively cheap telescopic gadget, such as the Spektiv mini telescope. This telescope is the perfect Spy gear for kids because of its price range, rugged build, and design. It can also be given as novelty gifts to friends and family, especially if you have geeky ones amongst them.


  • Material: High-grade optical glass, Aluminum mirror body, and plastic
  • Eyepiece diameter – 12mm, Product Ratio: 8 X 20mm
  • Objective lens diameter: 24mm
  • Dimension: 75 mm
  • Field: 96m/1000m
  • Light through air path: 20mm


  • 1 X Monocular Telescope
  • 1 X Lens cleaning cloth
  • 1 X Manual
  • 1 X Soft bag
  • 1 X Strap

2.   Orbiter Electronic Spy Listening Device

Orbiter electronic listening device

The Orbiter electronic Spy listening device is one of the most sophisticated listening devices you can think of. This spy gadget will ensure that you covertly eavesdrop on conversations, without arousing suspicions. Using this spy listening device, you can conveniently hear conversations, even when your targets are 300 feet away. This spy listening device is packed with some of the best eavesdropping technologies you can find at the market, and also, it comes along with a high-quality playback system as well as a viewfinder.

The design of this sophisticated spy listening device is quite impressive and stylish. This spy gadget has diverse applications, one of which allows its users listen to voices through walls. Ordinarily, we have a way of listening to conversations through walls, let alone when you are equipped with this incredible piece of listening device.  However, the Orbiter electronic listening device isn’t meant for serious use, as its range is limited, especially when compared to other high-end listening devices. This gadget is very affordable but also very powerful and sophisticated, and would make a good spy toy for your kids.

Essential Features

  • Comes with High-quality headphones
  • 10 X prism and viewfinder allows you to see things up close
  • Capable of listening to sounds and voices from 300 feet away
  • Its digital recording guarantees 120-second playback

3.   Spy X Micro Spy Super Ear

SpyX micro super ear

SpyX Micro Super Ear one of the coolest spy gear for kids you can get any time of the year. This Spy toy is very sturdy and features a sophisticated microphone that enables it to amplify sounds as well as its user strategic advantage over their targets at great distances. Lest we forget, the SpyX is only a toy and should not be taken for serious missions or engagements. Kids that love to play with spy listening devices will fancy Micro Spy Super ear, which they can use to eavesdrop on their friends’ conversations and achieve a tricky feat over them.

The good thing about this type of spy listening devices is that they are comfortable to wear and completely hands-free, which is good for stealth and also allows you to use your hands for other important things during missions. The SpyX Micro Super ear is produced by SpyX surveillance systems, one of the world’s makers of spy listening devices and monitoring systems. The quality of this unique, fantastic device is pristine because it is designed to handle so much stress and impact, especially during children’s play. To get the best from this product, it’s preferable you purchase them not only for your kids but their friends as well. This will ensure they get the maximum their spy listening devices, which every parent would want their kids to enjoy.

Basic Features

  • Comes with over-the-ear design, which allows your kids use their hands for other things
  • Produced by SpyX surveillance systems, one of the world’s leading surveillance equipment makers
  • Amplify the faintest of sounds using its powerful microphone

4.   Sonic Distractors

Spy gear sonic distractors

If you are looking for cool kids spy toys to acquire for your lovely children, then the Sonic distractor gadget should be one of your top choices. Sonic Distractors make use of the sonic wave diversion technology in putting off enemy agents. All the agent simply needs to do is to roll the Sonic Distractors, and it will do the job it was designed to do – enemy distraction, which is essential for getting agents out of stressful situations. Although the sonic distractors are basically kids spy toys, adults can also catch some fun using them. Sonic Distractors have time-release delay feature which agents use to time and track the sounds emitted by sonic distracters.  This will guide them give them a clue when to roll the device.

Included in this package is a belt clip, which helps to improve the speed at which Sonic distractor is deployed. Spy gear sonic distractors are one of the coolest kids spy toys that can be used to create multiple distractions.  Sonic Distractors emit sounds that are capable of stopping enemy agents in their tracks. This product is very rugged and affordable; it will ensure your kids get the fun they deserve. Note! Don’t take the enemy, agent thing too serious, these gadgets were created for kids to have fun.

Basic Features

  • Built-in time release delay
  • It incorporates a built-in noise emitter, which used to distract enemies
  • Sonic distracters have 8 distinct sounds used to distract enemy agents
  • Includes: 1 Belt clip, Sonic distractor balls 1 instructional guide

5.   Spy X Micro Voice Disguise

Spy X Micro voice Disguise

The SpyX Micro Voice disguise is one of the Coolest spy gear toys from the stables of SpyX, one of the world’s leading producers of spy gear for kids. The SpyX Micro Voice Disguise is one of the must-have spy gear toys for kids. Children are very adventurous and inquisitive; they want to play out what they watch in movies and cartoons. They see movie and cartoon characters making use of communication and surveillance equipment, and would love to own one of these devices.

This micro Voice Disguiser can capture and record your kid’s voice and spoken messages in the unit, and then relay such voice in a twisted way, making it difficult for other children to ascertain the source of the voice record. SpyX is second to none when it comes to manufacturing spy gear toys. Real agents shouldn’t take this product seriously, as it’s only meant to entertain kids.

This Micro voice disguise complements other spy gear toys from the stables of SpyX, some of which include the field agent Spy watch as well as the SpyX recon digital watch, but this product is solely designed for the adventurous kid looking to decipher scrambled or twisted voices. They could use the SpyX micro voice disguise to pass secret messages to their friends while playing and it’s designed to handle the stress and impact during play times. It’s is very rugged and durable and will give your children the fun they deserve. It ruggedness and performance make it one of the perfect spy gear for kids.

Basic Features

  • SpyX Micro voice disguise technology
  • Spoken words are captured on the device using state-of-the-art technology
  • Secret messages are passed since the voice recorded are twisted during playback
  • A must have gadget for the next spy kid

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6.   Spy X-Night Vision Binoculars

Spy X night vision binoculars

The SpyX night vision binoculars aren’t like your standard night vision equipment or device. They are one of the coolest spy gadgets for kids, solely designed for children and shouldn’t be used in place of good high-end night vision binoculars. Kids love geeky, unique gadgets and would love to own the gadgets seen in the movies. The SpyX night vision Binocular is a budget night vision gadget designed mainly for adventurous kids and juveniles, making it one of the best spy gadgets for kids. Despite the fact that this amazing binocular is cheap, it still possesses some state-of-the-art features typically seen in high-end products. It has infrared technology incorporated in its design, which is a major component of night vision equipment.


  • Good battery life
  • Night vision compatible
  • Good focal length
  • Portable and lightweight design


  • Absence of neck straps
  • Difficulty in correcting double images

SpyX products are spy gadgets for kids and juveniles, and should not be taken for serious missions or night assignments. But for the price it commands, the SpyX night vision binocular will make a good buy for an adventurous kid. When compared to other high-end night vision binoculars, you would discover that the SpyX night vision binocular is quite affordable especially when you take into consideration the amazing features it possesses.

7.   Field Agent Spy Pen

Field agent spy penWhen you are looking for spy kids toys to wow your kids, any time, any day, the Field agent spy pen is surely your best bet. The field agent spy pen is one of the coolest spy kids toys designed for baby field officers, who love undertaking mischievous missions around the neighborhood, get their much-desired fun. Every spy needs to protect his cover during operations. His mission could be compromised if they fail to do so. They need pieces of equipment that will ensure they stealthily accomplish their missions and objectives. Don’t get too serious; the field agent spy pens are spy kids toys designed for kids who love to emulate their favorite cartoon, spy characters they see on TV, but it can also be used by adults for amateur espionage activities.

This pen is from the stables of SpyX, one of the best makers of spy kids toys as well as surveillance equipment. The Field agents spy pen has the unique ability to record audio messages and conversations covertly as well as taking critical notes needed in the theater of operation. To get the perfect Intel you need, you’ll need to get as close as possible to your target in other to record conversations discretely.

During blackouts or at night, the field agent spy pen allows you to signal friendly agents with its stealth red beam, which can also be used to transcribe audio recordings as well as illuminate pages. With a push of a button, you can record and playback voices and conversations. The Spy Pen is one of the spy kids toys that can be used for conventional purposes. It’s very handy and rugged, and can be used to write notes extensively. The design is very much in line with traditional pens, ensuring that your kid’s cover remains intact. The Field Agent Spy pen is very durable and rugged, making it one of the best spy kids toys to purchase online.

Basic Features

  • Automatic voice recording – the field agent spy pen can be used to record and playback conversations with the push of a button
  • Signal friendly agents and transcribe audio messages in the dark using its inbuilt LED beam
  • Designed to look like a conventional pen, thereby allowing you to protect your cover as well as operate discretely


  • 3 X LR44 batteries
  • 1 X instructional guide
  • 1 X a pen cap.

 8.   Field Agent Spy Watch

field agent spy watch

If you are looking for cool spy toys for kids, then the Field agent spy watch should be one of your topmost priorities. The Field Agent Spy Watch is currently one of the best spy toys for kids solely designed to improve their lives and help them have fun.  Kids love to have fun, and this cool gadget will make them feel like a real spy. This single piece of spy gear works ‘for real’ and it comes with 8 unique gadgets. Your kids would have the opportunity to decode secret messages, deliver secret messages using their decoder screen, safe-drop capsules, spy paper and reading light.

Kids love to sneak up on each other. They can detect intruders using the time stamp and motion alarm. In addition to these fantastic features, the Field Agent Spy Watch comes with a wake-up alarm, a stopwatch and an international clock, because kids must understand that a real spy must be time conscious and failure to keep to time could spell doom. The educative features of this spy watch make it one of the best spy toys for kids.

The Field Agent Spy Watch is the perfect 8-in-one spy gear your kid would love to own because they are curious and would love to get a hint of what it feels like being a spy. The Spy Gear runs on a button cell battery, which is also included in this pack and it’s perfectly suitable for kids with ages 6years and older. Nevertheless, one of the coolest spy gear for kids to purchase any time of the year is most definitely the Field agent spy watch

Basic Features

  • The Field Agent Spy Watch is solely designed to improve the lives of your kids.
  • Spy Functionalities- the decoder lets you write and deliver secret messages using decoder screen, safe-drop capsules, and decoder screen.
  • Inbuilt motion sensor alarm – helps to detect intruders.
  • Time Management – teaches your kids how to manage time properly.
  • Button cell battery – Powers the spy watch effectively

9.   Spy X Utility Belt with Micro Spy Tools

Spy X utility Belt

The SpyX utility belt with Micro spy tools is one of the indispensable spy gadgets in the hands of a trained spy. Every spy needs a collection of sophisticated spy gadgets to prosecute missions. This spyX utility belt provides the agent the right tool he needs because they mostly operate in dangerous theaters and would need to be highly covert to remain alive and safe. But hey! Don’t get too worked-up or serious, the spyX utility belt is designed for kids and not meant for serious use.

The SpyX is intended to fit the wearer’s waist and shoulder perfectly because it has a flexible web design. This utility belt has well-designed holders that make it easy to keep and access your important spy equipment. The belt can hold vital spy gadgets such as Micro listener, Motion Alarm, Micro ear light and invisible ink pen. The SpyX utility belt is produced by SpyX surveillance systems, one of the world’s most renowned makers of surveillance systems and spy gadgets.

Children always want to catch fun especially when they try to emulate your favorite spy character, and the SpyX utility belt will give your kids good fun. You don’t have to worry about its ability to handle tension and stress because it is designed to withstand the stress of physical activity, which is very common when it comes to kids; they can be very rough sometimes. To ensure your children get the best from these spy gadgets, you’ll need to purchase them in pairs or at least for their friends as well, so everyone can participate and catch fun.

Basic Features

  • Webbed design makes this SpyX utility belt comfortable and convenient to wear and also provides a perfect fit for its wearer
  • Holds special spy equipment such as Micro listener, Micro ear light, Micro Motion alarm and invisible ink pen
  • Very affordable, yet very rugged

10.   SpyX Digital Recon Watch

SpyX digital recon watch

If you are looking for the perfect spy gear for kids to help improve your children’s fun time, then the SpyX digital recon watch is the right choice. The SpyX Digital Recon watch was designed basically to meet the spy needs of Children. Children admire Spy characters in movies and would give their most priceless possessions for a role in these movies. This spy gear for kids comes with message capsules meant for stealth communications as well as a secret message paper. Also, the SpyX digital recon watch features a flip face decoder which is an essential element for every spy, making it the perfect spy gear for kids. This Spy watch gives your children the ability to track their adversaries with precision, using its motion alarms. Some of its features include Stopwatch, LED spotlight and digital readout.

This spy watch is a communication and surveillance equipment designed for adventurous kids that admire the lifestyles of spies. SpyX products are very rugged, durable and also use it cutting edge technology in creating innovative products, most especially – Spy gear for kids. This product doesn’t just look good but is designed to handle the rigors of fun. The beauty of products such as this is that you can buy them for your kid’s friends to enable them spy on each other, which will ultimately guarantee your child extreme fun.


These toys listed above are definitely one of the best spy gears for kids you could purchase anytime you want to surprise your kids. As earlier mentioned kids love geeky toys; most notably spy gears. They fantasize about these toys day and night and would want to be in your good books to own a piece of them. Knowing which one to purchase can help you avoid making wrong choices because you don’t want to acquire a product (Spy toy) that would pack up in a month or two. So it’s better you seek expert opinion so as to avoid the pitfalls of shopping online, most especially when it relates to spy gear for kids. Shop smart! Impress your kids by getting them one of these cool toys listed above. To see other spy gear for kids, check out this link