Top 5 Best Video Game Consoles and Accessories to Purchase for family

Top 5 Best Video Game Consoles and Accessories to Purchase for family

Best Video Game Consoles

Video gaming offers you the opportunity to dine and wine with friends and family. The best video game consoles of this world aren’t necessarily the most expensive or the latest. However, we must learn to strike a balance between pricing and performance. The most recent video game consoles may not be able to satisfy your immediate needs because they are complicated to operate. In a situation where you have children around, certain video game consoles might be too complicated for them to enjoy. That’s why we have chosen video game consoles that are suitable for virtually every age group, which means you can all enjoy your favorite games without any of your loved ones feeling neglected.

This list contains video games and accessories that have been tried and tested over time. Although this list doesn’t include much video game consoles, we’ve ensured that the few listed are fully capable of satisfying the average gamer in the area of performance and efficiency. Nevertheless, these are the top 5 best video game consoles and accessories to purchase for your family.

1.   Xbox 360 Elite 120GB Console System


XBox 360 Elite 120GB

The Xbox 360 Elite 120GB console is definitely amongst the worlds’ most advanced, best video game consoles in recent times. The Xbox 360 Elite 120GB video game console comes equipped with 3 powerful core processors, an HDMI Port, 16:9 cinematic aspect ratio, HDMI cable, Full surround sound, anti-aliasing for smooth textures, DVD playback with upscaling capabilities, straight out of the box. Gamers can save and store their favorite games, pictures, music, movies, television shows, trailers, demos, extra game levels and other valuable contents right from the Xbox LIVE marketplace, directly on Xbox 360 Elite 120GB detachable hard drive.

The Xbox 360 Elite 120GB sleek, state-of-the-art wireless controller, affords gamers great flexibility during game play. This stylish wireless controller can last up to 30hrs on two AA batteries and also comes with an impressive range of 30feet. The amazing range of the Xbox wireless controller ensures that gamers aren’t restricted to a particular position when playing their favorite video games. This enables gamers to play for a longer period with less fatigue.

Basic features of the Xbox 360 Elite 120GB

  • 512MB RAM: This Allows for faster response and access to the software
  • 120GB hard drive: Allow gamers store more games, music, photos and video files
  • Wireless Controller System: Allows for great flexibility of controls and                     positioning during gameplay
  • Front USB Ports: Lets users connect other devices such iPod, digital cameras,             even the Sony PSP
  • Network Capabilities: Ethernet networking ports, 802,11 (Wi-Fi) grants users           speedy connections to the Xbox Live platform
  • 32-bit audio processor: Supports 5.1 channel Dolby digital surround sound

2.   Nintendo Wii Console with Wii Sports 

Nitendo Wii with Wii Sport

The Nintendo Wii console is one of the best video game consoles in recent times. It’s one of the few gaming consoles to include physically engaging gaming activities in its development. The Nintendo Wii’s amazing, revolutionary controller comes with an ergonomic design, optimized to offer unique motion sensitive Game-play options.

The Nintendo Wii console also features an excellent and efficient built-in Wi-Fi, designed to allow fast access to free online entertainment services as well as Game plays. The Nintendo Wii console is a state-of-the-art video game console that oozes class, innovative features, and technologies that ramp up nostalgic feelings amongst ardent Nintendo fans, as it is compatible with all GameCube games and controllers. The Nintendo Wii console also comes with a built-in SD slot for storing important games and pictures.

This Nintendo Wii Console also comes with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort disk, Wii remote jacket, Wii AC Adapter, Sensor Bar, Wii AV Cable, Black Nunchuk and much more. The Wii Sports Resort introduces a new set of physically immersive, entertaining activities, which was common with the original Wii Sports, but it then takes it to a whole new level with its innovative features.  Newcomers, veteran Wii gamers, and enthusiasts alike can enjoy unprecedented gaming precision as they throw Frisbee, duel with swords, cruise on a water scooter and much more.

Features of the Nintendo Wii console

  • Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resorts
  • Built-in WiFi – grants users fast, wireless access to online gaming platform
  • Compatible with all GameCube games and controllers
  • Grants Wii owners and users access to Netflix video streaming services
  • Built-in SD slot for storage

3.   Sony PlayStation 3 250GB Super Slim Console

Playstation 3 Slim 250GB

The Sony Playstation 3 250gb super slim is a fourth generation gaming/entertainment platform designed to provide all round entertainment to gamers and non-gamer alike. It comes packed with an array of streaming services, including Vudu, Amazon, Netflix, NFL Sunday Ticket, in addition to its great gaming library, designed to provide users access to the latest video games.

The Sony Playstation 3 250gb super slim is 25% light and 20% smaller than its immediate predecessor, which makes it easier to carry around especially when embarking on long trips. The Sony Playstation 3 250gb also features a non-motorized disk tray, which allows you to slide and close manually when switching gaming disk.

Just like the PS3, the PS3 Slim comes with two USB ports, Ethernet, Optical out, HDMI and AV multi out. Although the PS3 Super appear small and compact, it punches above its weight in terms of performance and efficiency, especially when compared to its bigger, older brothers. The Sony Playstation 3 250gb also serves as an entertainment hub, because it grants users access to their favorite TV shows, movies, and games through the Playstation store.

Basic features of the Sony Playstation 3 250GB Super Slim

  • Platform: CPU- IBM cell processor, Resolutions – 1080p, 720p, Region Code:               NTSC, RAM Capacity: 256MB
  • Hard Drive capacity: 250GB
  • Internet connectivity– wired, wireless
  • Dimensions: Height- 13.438 in, Depth- 4.38 inches, Weight: 7.055lb, Width 13.5       inches


4.    PS3 Bluray Drive – 20, 40, 60 GB Models


PS3 Bluray Drive

The Sony PS3 Bluray Drive + (KES-400A/KEM-400AAA Laser) + Nextel Torx T10 security screwdriver kit provides you a comprehensive solution when it comes to the PS3 Blu-ray drive replacements. The Sony PS3 Bluray Drive with Laser and housing is new, complete and original, and provides PS3 owners the perfect opportunity to carry out some upgrades and replacements themselves. For you to install these Blu-ray drives successfully, you’ll need to install them with their original metal enclosures and the PCB, because they attached to the consoles.

Since the PCB is not included in this package, the old one on your PS3 should come in handy. Also, the old metal enclosure housing your old PS3 Bluray Drive should be removed, because you’ll need to mount it on your new drive for installation. Those who have had previous experiences assembling computers and similar electronic devices wouldn’t have a problem with the Sony PS3 Bluray Drive replacement process. Warning! If you aren’t familiar with this process, please hire skilled hands so as to avoid costly, painful damages that could ruin your console. Note! The PCB board screws require a tiny screwdriver for successful removal, so make sure it’s handy before you begin the process.

5.   PS4 Dust Cover By Foamy Lizard

PS 4 Dust cover by Foamy Lizard

The PS4 Dust cover is a stylish, innovative and well-crafted protective gear, designed to protect your pricey PlayStation 4 from dust and other harmful agents. When you’ve got a video game console as pricey and as delicate as the PS4, you’ve got no choice but to protect and preserve your investment with all you’ve got. The PS4 Dust cover can also be used to protect your PS4 from scratches, dust, UV, and liquid spillage using the Foamy Lizard, TexoShield premium Nylon dust guard. Also, the convenience of not having to wipe off your PlayStation each time you want to play your favorite video game is more than enough reason to acquire this incredible piece of technology.

Specially designed and crafted for the PlayStation 4 Console

Unlike other improvised protective piece of clothing we may utilize in protecting the PlayStation 4, the PS4 Dust cover by Foamy Lizard is specially designed and crafted to fit the angles and dimensions of your PS4 (Horizontally).You can easily cover between gaming session without removing the power cables using the back cutaway.  Note! Ensure your device is powered off before using the dust cover so as to avoid overheating.

Features of the PS4 Dust cover

  • Protects your PlayStation 4 console from dust, liquids, UV and dirt
  • Specially designed and crafted to meet PlayStation body measurement
  • Back Panel cutaway allows for ample protection of without having to remove back         cables
  • Utilizes Foamy Lizard, TexoShield Premium Nylon technology


Now that you know the type of video game consoles to purchase for friends and family, we will like to advise that you keep in mind that certain video games aren’t for meant children. Please check the ESRB ratings to see that it’s safe for everyone, especially when children are involved. If you have a limited budget, it is advisable for you to go for older models and editions as such as the PS2 or the original Xbox, they command less price and readily available for everyone. Spend quality time with friends and family by acquiring these video game consoles. As family, they say, is everything.