Top Rated Smartphones – How to Select and Purchase the Best

Top Rated Smartphones – How to Select and Purchase the Best

Top Rated Smartphones

Top rated smartphones are those high-end smartphones produced by the big brands that have lived up to their billing. They have been largely reviewed by popular review sites such as CNET, TechRadar and have earned impressive ratings in all the criteria been tested. They come packed with a plethora of fantastic features and functionalities, designed to make communication and access to information, smooth and seamless.

Brief History

The introduction telephones in the 19th century brought about the much-needed improvement in communication as well as economic development in many nations. Communications played a significant role in bridging the communication gap that existed in the time past, thereby helping to boost trade and commercial activities. Ever since the introduction of mobile phones and other related gadgets in the 70’, communication has become a lot easier, leading to massive improvement in logistics as well as supply chain activities. Manufacturers of mobile phones have continued to improve their features and technology, which have seen these phones evolved into what is currently known as “smartphones.” In this article, we shall examine factors to consider before purchasing a top rated smartphone.

How to select some of the best Top Rated Smartphones

Smartphones are computer-powered mobile phones with advanced operating systems, giving them the ability to multitask and handle a broad range of responsibilities. These Smartphones come packed with apps and utility programs that make it easy for users to carry out and manage their activities. However, there are a good number of top rated smartphones in the market as we speak; making a decision to purchase any of these smartphones can be a difficult task. Nevertheless, these are some of the factors you should take into consideration:

Choose a reputable brand

There are lots of smartphones in the mobile market and Gadgets stores. Choosing a good smartphone brand of to purchase can be tough because you will have to factor in some important things, and one of such is your budget. Smartphones, gadgets and gizmos require the utmost attention to detail, so as to avoid purchasing the wrong products. There are some reputable top rated smartphone brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia you can consider, but you’d also need to factor in cost. Apple products such as iPhones are great, but are a bit pricey, and you’ll need to take into consideration their closed source system. Samsung, LG, HTC, and Nokia products are mid-range to expensive devices, but they provide good quality and service.

Select the right mobile operating system

Apple smartphones have their mobile operating system known as iOS, and it’s a closed-source software designed exclusively for Apple devices. Their AppStore is loaded with powerful business apps that you’d find handy in the area of business management, and it’s your ideal Smartphone for business because of its impressive security features. On the other hand, Android smartphones are great mobile devices running on the Android operating system. They operate open source software that allows tons of app developers create apps that can easily be shared across platforms running on the Android OS; however, they aren’t as secured as iOS-powered devices.

Phone size

The size of a smartphone is a critical factor to take into consideration when purchasing smartphones, the top rated ones. Bulky smartphones could be very frustrating especially when you have to carry them around in small pockets. They could also pose a challenge, especially when making calls because you’ll need to have an earpiece connected so as to handle your phone calls efficiently. Bulky smartphones have larger screens, which makes them suitable for streaming videos as well as reading eBooks. On the other hand, smaller smartphones are quite compact and could be very handy for the purpose of making and receiving phone calls. However, they are not that suitable for watching videos as well as reading eBooks.

Check out features and specs

The price of a smartphone is perhaps the most important factors to consider when purchasing a Smartphone. All smartphones come with different features and specs, so you’ll need to choose the right Smartphone that can fulfill your immediate and future needs. If you love taking lots of photos, you should go for top rated smartphones with camera resolutions that fall within 8 to 13 Megapixels. If you are the type that loves multitasking on smartphones, you should consider Smartphones with bigger RAM and CPU processing power, so you can simultaneously handle applications without necessarily slowing your phone down.

Battery Life

Smartphones are power hungry devices, due to the number of apps and tasks they handle. You don’t want your Smartphone to run out of battery power during important engagements and journeys. Finding a Smartphone that can last a whole day on a single battery charge seems to be difficult to come by in recent times., however, there are top rated smartphones whose batteries perform a lot better than average rated smartphones. Nokia and iPhones have good battery life because they have come a long way in smartphone battery technology and engineering. Online customer reviews also provide an excellent way to assess the battery performance of the Smartphone you intend to purchase.


The top rated smartphones aren’t necessarily the most expensive; they are those Smartphones that can perfectly fit into your daily life, activities and schedules. In addition to the factors stated above, you should also consider making a budget. Find a Smartphone that possesses the features and specs you want, with prices that fall within the scope of your budget. That way, you’ll be able to acquire a top rated smartphone you can be proud to show off to your friends without burning a significant hole in your pocket.