TP-Link TL-WA5210G Wireless Access Point for Laptop PC Review

TP-Link TL-WA5210G Wireless Access Point for Laptop PC Review

Wireless Access Point

The portable TL-WA5210G high-power outdoor wireless access point antenna is straight-up one of the most flexible deployment of internet connections for your PC. With outdoor weatherproof and damage protection from up to 4000V lightning and 15KV Electrostatic discharge (ESD), you’re guaranteed stable network connection all day long even in bad weather. The TP-Link TL-WA5210G Wireless outdoor antenna also enables stable long-distance Wi-Fi connection that can stay connected for up to 15km away from the 12dBi dual-polarized antenna. This means you can go as far as you want to get the best wi-fi connection for your business or personal needs, and still get link speed and signal coverage on the high.

With the power of a wireless access point, the antenna provides a long distance wireless network for both individuals and businesses looking for more stable network connection. In fact, if stability and quality are what you seek, then the TL-WA5210G high power outdoor antenna will guarantee just that and more.

Having an interface of 1*10/100M with an auto-sensing RJ45 port (Auto MDI/MDIX), and complying with the IEEE 802.11g/IEEE 802.11b standards, you’re sure to enjoy a wireless network output that is up to 54mbps. This guarantees great internet speed and faster downloads as well as exchange of files.

The TL-WA5210G also supports Power Over Ethernet (POE), deploying an Ethernet cable to transmit data and electricity to your access point at the same time, at up to 200 feet away. This provides various options for the placement of your antenna and provides the flexibility to move positions in search of network signal without worrying too much about convenience.

Portable, TP-LINK TL-WA5210G High Power Outdoor Wireless Access Point

Most online reviews show that you can even go past the limitation of your Wi-Fi network with the 12dBi dual-polarized antennas. This enables the adjustments of the distance between two access points to build longer Wi-Fi connection using the ACK timeout. You can adjust your timeout value from 15km up to 52km with the high-gain antenna support. The higher your timeout value, the better your network connection will be.

My rating:


  • Multiple operation options
  • Longer wireless signal power
  • It has strong encryption security against hackers and non-subscribers
  • Able to function properly even in harsh weather conditions


  • Unstable network connection
  • To be mounted on poles only.
  • Moderately difficult to deploy


Good for sharing internet connection with a community of friends, businesses or subscribers. If you’re on a strict budget and looking for an access point that won’t fail you in bad weather. Then this TL-WA5210G is what you need.

You may also need a little tech knowledge on simple things like DNS to complete the setup. Also, know what you want and your network needs before purchasing this TL-WA5210G to avoid disappointment. Overall, I think this TL-WA5210G represents enough value for less money. For me, it’s a relatively inexpensive option considering what you’ll get. Get it ASAP.

Full review of the TL-WA5210G Wireless access point for PC

The TL-WA5210G is a high power wireless customer-premises equipment(CPE) and wireless internet service provider(WISP) device that comes in an outdoor weatherproof design and functions as a wireless access point, wireless Internet service provider client, and a high-gain antenna for delivering a longer extension of transmission range and a stable wireless internet connection. If you have a large network of users or clients and want to improve network transmission efficiency, the TL-WA5210G helps you achieve just that.

Unlike other wireless access points, your wireless signal can travel farther and still perform optimally using the high output power and high RX sensitivity. For connections over a long distance, you’ll be amazed that your access point still offers higher power and speed for your network applications. In fact, even the weakest signals can still be detected and received over a further 52km when the high-gain antenna is connected to an external RP-SMA connector. This ensures a smooth and seamless long-distance wireless transmission that will even prove hard to break under harsh weather conditions.

The TL-WA5210G Wireless access point, supporting the IEEE 802.11g/b standards also ensures that wireless speed goes up to 54mbps in 802.11g while falling to 11mbps in 802.11b. It’s needless to say that this antenna is designed to function outdoors in very harsh weather conditions.

The hardware tells the whole story. With a weatherproof casing and hardware with an excellent temperature durability of -30 degrees centigrade, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a hitch-free wireless connection any day, anytime.

Here are some important specs you need to know about

Operation modes

The TL-WA5210G offers multiple operation modes in one device. To be specific, there are three different operation modes available for this wireless access point, which are:

  1. The Access point(AP) client router mode which functions as a wireless internet service provider customer-premises equipment(WISP CPE)
  1. The Access point router mode which enables you to connect to the Internet using an ADSL and cable modem.

3. The Access point mode which can perform different functions such as WDS bridger,      a repeater, client and an access point.

Security Measures

The TL-WA5210G Wireless access point provides robust security options for protecting you and your connection from hackers. You have the option to turn off the broadcast your wireless network name (SSID) through the wireless access point, so as to enable access for subscribers only. The security measures provided by the access point include:

  1. LAN 64/128/152-bit WEP encryption security
  2. WPA/WPA2 and WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK authentication
  3. TKIP/AES encryption security

A client feature also enables the isolation of each user or subscriber from the whole network so as to limit damages from hackers attacks.


Portable, TP-LINK TL-WA5210G High Power Outdoor Wireless Access Point


The usability of the TL-WA5210G received mixed reactions from latest reviews by users. While some agree that the mounting of the antenna can be tedious and technical, others are siding with the claim that the whole setup can be easily deployed. However, TP link offers a step-by-step guide to setting up your access point and provides the option of a power over Ethernet(POE) and a bundled power injector for areas that are hard to connect. This is a good one since it makes the set-up process flexible and easy.

Users can also get valuable information from the access point to anything concerning the operations without running the professional test software. Simple features like the integrated speed test and the monitor throughput tools will help you get the required operational information you need to run your access point optimally.
The ease of use of the access point is also highlighted by the whole setup during errors, as it enables automatic rebooting of the system once an error is detected. Here’s a list of what the package contains:

  1. TL-WA5210G
  2. Power supply unit
  3. Power injector
  4. Resource CD
  5. Quick installation guide

Power over Ethernet support

The TL-WA5210G can be set up alternatively via an Ethernet cable to send data and electricity at the same time to your access point. This is good for those who have their antenna closer to their access points which can be as far as 200 feet away. In fact, if your network can be accessed from a location as close as 200 feet from the antenna, I’ll advise you use the power over Ethernet as it allows you place the antenna in locations where stronger signals may be easily accessible.

Final verdict

The first thing that got me with this device is the flexibility of the connection. You can go long-range or short-range, depending on factors such as mobility and signal strength. Also, the robust security measures provided for this device gives it an edge. For the set-up, I think an average Techie can put up a reasonable connection. But, if you’re finding it difficult, just hire the services of a local electrician. So, you shouldn’t feel you’re taking a risk especially with all the many features available. Because of this, I’ll give it a 4.5/5 rating.